Why Experts Of Reputed Fencing Services Will Tell You To Opt For Pine Pail Fencing?

Why Experts Of Reputed Fencing Services Will Tell You To Opt For Pine Pail Fencing?

When it is all about fencing your property, you have all the options in the world to pick up your choice from. Well, a reputed company that you hire for carrying out fencing service at your property can carry out whatever type of fencing you would like them to do for you. However, if you are thinking of timber fencing, the experts will always suggest you to choose pine pail fencing.

If you ask out fencing experts in BB Decking about the type of timber fencing you should opt for, our experts will tell you the same! The simple reason behind this being this type of fencing comes with a string of advantages.

The Pine is Pressure Treated 

Pine logs that are used for fencing are treated under pressure. This means that the pin logs are treated by specific chemicals under particular pressure. Now, this pressure treatment goes a long way to prevent the wood from decaying or rotting.

However, this may not be enough from warping, twisting or cracking over time. That is why the maintenance of these fences is of prime importance. Above all, what you need for the proper installation of these fences, are reputed companies that come up with fencing services in Brisbane. When you put money on us, our experts will ensure this, with some top quality service.

Now the question is, what happens in the case of other woods? The reason is, in case of other woods more so the ones that come with natural oil, for instance, cedar, are by default resistant to decay and insects. However, this property only holds true for the first grown cedar. Cedars of second-growth or the sapwood variety of cedar are found to be less resilient to decay.

Taking into account all these points, Pine is the safest option when it comes to fencing.


Pine, when property treated lasts a lifetime, even though it remains in contact with wet soil all along! Typically, pine, after being pressure-treated comes with a warranty of as much as 10 years, but some varieties come with a lifelong warranty.

Cedar can be an option, as it also has a durability range of 6 to 10 years. However, cedar will not last that long when the logs are placed directly into moist soil. That is the reason, you will always find cedar fencing set up on a concrete slab, which surely adds up to your expenses considerably.

Fencing with Pine

The Aging Factor 

Pine fences, when properly treated can be a treat for eyes. In fact, pine fences age gracefully. When properly maintained, fine fences take a beautiful golden brown shade, which is a visual treat. They add to the grace and beauty of your property. Now add the rot and decay resisting powder of pine to this property and you will realize why it is always fruitful to invest in pine fencing pail fencing than anything else.

Other variety of woods, on the other hand, may take any colour with time, which might not look that appealing. Moreover, there is a huge maintenance expense that will add up to the budget. However, you always have the option of using the fencing calculator to find out the exact expense that you have to incur.

Therefore, considering all these views, our experts at BB Decking will always tell you to opt for pine pail fencing, though the last decision will always be yours. For further details, you can call us at 0434554470 and 1300 155 677 during our office hours.

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