Why Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Are Good for Securing Houses?

Why Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Are Good for Securing Houses?

Walls that are constructed on concrete sleepers are called concrete sleeper retaining walls. They are quite strong due to their steel structure and hence a good choice to protect your Brisbane home from threats. Moreover, you can build them higher to keep your home extra secure. But apart from these, there are other advantages of these retaining walls. Here, we will be exclusively focusing on them.

Resistant to Insect and Termites

The good thing about concrete sleeper retaining walls in Brisbane is that they are not affected by damages done by pests. But if you have a timber wall, for instance, it is quite vulnerable to termites, wood wasps, beetles and other insects. Therefore, maintaining them is difficult and costly. On the other hand, the concrete sleeper walls are easier and cheaper to maintain.

Stronger than Timber Walls

As mentioned already, an advantage of building concrete sleeper retaining walls is that they are stronger compared to timber or walls made of any other type of wood. Therefore, they will not rot or get worn out easily. Moreover, since they are steel-reinforced, they can withstand harsh weather easily and protect you well from threats throughout the year.

Can be Painted

Unlike wooden walls where only a few colours can be applied, the concrete walls can be painted with any colour. But if you want to better protect your property, you can choose a dull colour that will attract less attention. Additionally, since it’s concrete, you can apply durable paints that can last longer compared to the normal polished paints that are applied on wooden walls.


The retaining walls constructed on concrete sleepers in Brisbane will last long because any structure made by concrete is durable by default. Therefore, it is much harder for threats to penetrate through it. On top of that, you can install cameras on top of these walls to monitor the over boundary area. That way, you can easily make the necessary decisions if you detect any type of threat.

Can Be Used For Both Boundaries As Well As Tight Spaces

A concrete sleeper retaining wall can be built to protect not just your home but also a tight space for example a small garden, kennel or a granny house. This is because they are easier to construct and the materials to construct them are readily available.

Can be Easily Modified According to Your Choice

You can customise the Brisbane concrete sleeper retaining walls according to your choice. That means you can choose their thickness, size and even the design. On the other hand, if you are choosing timber or stone walls, you might not get so many options.

Fewer Installation Complexities

Since its concrete rests upon steel, installers will not face many difficulties in setting it up. But when it comes to the installation of stone or timber walls, it requires better planning and careful construction that might require more time compared to these concrete walls.

If you consider these points, it can be said that it is a better choice compared to timber walls if you are mainly looking to secure your property.

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