What’s The Cost Of Building A Deck?- Your Knowledge Base!

What’s The Cost Of Building A Deck?- Your Knowledge Base!

So, you have finally decided to add an outdoor deck your property as an outdoor means of entertainment and relaxation. However, as much exciting as this project may seem initially; you cannot ignore the difficulties that come along with it.

Two, in particular, stand out- Getting a Building Permit, And Deciding The Cost Of Your Deck-Building Project. And this post explains both of them in details. 

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What To Do To Secure A Deck-Building Permit? 

To secure a legitimate deck building permit; you have to consider two basic aspects:-

  • The Exact Shape And Size You Want Your Deck To Be.
  • And How Elevated Off The Ground Should It Be?

If you are unsure of these aspects; we at “BB Decking”- your reliable deck builders in Brisbane will be happy to guide you with the right set of information. Our experts will discuss your deck design with conceptual sketches and blueprints, keeping true to your customised dimensions and elevations for 100% build satisfaction. 

How Much Will It Cost For A Deck Construction? 

Though this is a difficult question to answer, as every client has their own customised requirements for their extended outdoor recreational spot.

The cost to build a deck in Brisbane will be between Au$ 3,400 to Au$6,500. The price of constructing a standard-sized deck per square metre will be approximately Au$ 187.50/m2. But due to other factors like the deck size and the types of decking materials used, the job quotes range between say Au$160/m2 to Au$220/m2.

To match your requirements; you can visit our decking calculator page and fill in the blanks with accurate information.

cost to build a deck

This Will Help Us Know:-

  • The exact deck length and width (in mm)
  • The height of the deck, materials for decking, length and type of the handrail and the no of stairs you want in your new deck.
  • Furthermore, it also tells us where exactly you want your deck to be built- example- around the pool with stainless steel or distanced from the pool using galvanised steel.

Once you fill-up the details correctly and request for the price quote; only then will we be able to provide you with the exact cost needed to pull off your preferred style of deck. 

Speak To Our Decking Specialist For Your Outdoor Extension! 

There is no denying the fact the deck building does involve a lot of costs. But with our help; you can filter your requirements properly and get everything worth your investment.

As a reliable decking company in Brisbane; we have been around for many years and have always strived to achieve excellence in our construction work – regardless of the scale and difficulty of the project.

We will bring all of that knowledge and experience when we start your deck construction so that your property gets a worthy extension for your outdoor entertainment.

So, give us a call whenever it is convenient for you! “BB Decking” is here to help you!

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