What Makes the Panel Roofs A Great Option?

What Makes the Panel Roofs A Great Option?

Australian homes come with a variety of roofing options. In fact, a stroll across the Aussie big smokes and countryside will unfurl this truth like nothing else. The state of Queensland is no exception. Of all the various roofing options tried by the Aussie homes, panel roofs are perhaps one of the most popular ones. The reason being, this type of roofing system comes with a string of advantages. This particular roofing system comes in different forms – roofs with standing seams & corrugation, Full corrugation, roofs with standing seam. In whatever forms you use these panel roofs, they come with a string of benefits – something that makes these roofs immensely popular. Let us evaluate the advantages of installing these roofs at home.

They Are Blizzard, Hailstorm Resistant and Are Protective Against Snow and Ice

These roofs are resistant against ice and snow as well as blizzards. Australia is not a land that is known for ice, snow and blizzards. The land masses at the two sides of the Atlantic have them more frequently during their winters. But Queensland does encounter hailstorms, more so after a long spell of heat wave during the summers. This is when these roofs would come in handy. With the hails sliding down the slating roofs, they do not accumulate and melt to form water puddles, damaging the roofs. These roofs are also resistant to strong winds, which is a very common phenomenon during Aussie summers.

They Are Recyclable

If you are one of those blokes looking forward to living in an eco-friendly home or always thinking of innovative ways to make your home ‘greener’ a metal panel roof seems to be the best option that you can have. It is a perfect roof for replacement, as it is lightweight, taking off and installed pretty easily, and can be recycled without much hassle, depending upon the materials they are made up of.

They Are Fire Resistant

These panel roofs available in Brisbane are fire-resistant as well, and as such they are the safest option of roofing more so during dry summer months, if the area where you stay has forests in proximity. There have been instances when burning twigs during forest fires, which is a very common phenomenon in Australia during summers, carried by strong winds to buildings with wooden roofs, has been the cause behind entire homes gutted by fire. These panel roofs are the safest roofing option from that point of view.

They Are Lightweight and Extremely Durable

These roofs are lightweight, and can easily be installed and replaced without much hassle. More so, from the point of durability, these roofs are almost next to none, notwithstanding the concrete roofing. All you need to do is to have the roof painted with high quality paints by quality painters, and these roofs will last for long.

These roofs are energy efficient as well, and keep the interiors cool during summer and warm during winters by warding off and arresting heat respectively.

So if you are looking forward to the best roofing option, panel roofs are one of the best options and for that, BB Decking is the best option as we are the best in the business. We are also a popular and competent Patio Builder in Brisbane. Call us now for an appointment.

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