What are the Consequences of Poorly Insulated Patio Roofs?

What are the Consequences of Poorly Insulated Patio Roofs?

There are times when you will find your patio roofs giving way at the drop of a hat!!! This happens due to poor insulation, and there is a range of reasons behind it.

That is the reason when it comes to insulating your patio roofs you must put your stakes on a renowned name that has been in the business for long and is quite reputed in the market.

This is where BB Decking makes a difference. Indeed, we come up some high-quality insulation of patio roof so that you can keep these issues at bay!

However, first things first!!! Let us at first discuss the various ills of improper insulation.

Patio Roof

Cracked Flashing

Roofers at times tar for sealing the flashing together. Now, this seal erodes over time, leaving the flashing exposed. When that happens, elements like rain and wind gets in through the cracks, defeating the very purpose of the insulation.

That is the reason it is so important to have the patio insulated and built by professional deck builders in Brisbane, who is also into building patio roofs and insulating the same.

Broken Shingles

Look up!! And you will spot one! Shingles are the exterior layer of the roof, which, when missing, can easily be detected by the patches with colours that are different from the rest of the roofs. Also, when you have loose or broken shingles, they may litter your lawn during a storm.

It happens due to prolonged exposure to heat and cold, dust, heavy rain and storm. Shingles, when poorly set may disintegrate, causing substantial damage.

Improperly Sealing the Valleys

Valleys are the area where the two planes of the patio roof meet. As this portion is generally sloped, if the valleys are not sealed properly, it will allow the rainwater to get inside, while it runs down the patio.  This can very well be detected by wet spots on the interior side of the ceiling well after a smart shower or two.

Gutters Getting Clogged

At times you will come across leaves protruding out of the gutter. Or you may at times find water does not trickle down the downspout even when it is raining heavily.

This happens when gutters get clogged, blocking the water from passing. Though it is a very natural phenomenon, for which poorly insulated patio roofs cannot be blamed, the story at times is different as well. In these cases, poor insulation of the roof along with an improper setting of the gutters is to be blamed.

Rainwater will then clog along the edges of the patio, affecting the roof at the edges in a cruel way. Eventually, the edge of the patio roof will give in and will let the rainwater flood the floor beneath. It will be a total mess – if not anything else.

So this perhaps tells you why you need to have the patio roof adequately insulated. This is something that only a qualified and experienced company can do, properly.

So these are some of the blues, which you need to keep at bay while setting up the patio or insulating it. In fact, that is why reputed names like BB Decking come in handy. Indeed, our specialists are too experienced to make these blunders.

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