What are the Benefits of Having a Composite Deck At Your Poolside

What are the Benefits of Having a Composite Deck At Your Poolside

When you have a composite decking at your poolside, it gives you a string of advantages. Yes, it spruces up the look and feel of your backyard as well as your pool and adds significant value to it. But that is not enough. Having a composite decking at your pool will give you the following advantages. 

These Decking Are Slip Resistant

One of the most noteworthy features of these composite decking is that they are  slip resistant and that is the reason they are used at the poolside. Pool decking is meant to be naturally wet and it is supposed to remain pretty wet for a long time. Now, this can be pretty hazardous depending on the type of decking material the deck is made up of. 

Yes, it is true that there is no decking that is 100% slip-resistant. Still, a quality composite decking built by the deck builders in Brisbane is the closest to be 100% slip resistant. In most of the cases, they come with textured, slip-resistant finish, which will provide a considerable amount of traction even when it is wet. Technically speaking, the wet PTV (Pendulum Test Value) of a composite deck is 53 when wet and 88 when it is dry. 

Composite Decking Structures Are Water-resistant

Composite decking structures are built to absorb a far less amount of water than the natural wood decks.  The reason being, they are manufactured by using wood fibres along with recycled plastic. The wood fibres of a composite decking come with a layer of plastic polymers. They help in the reduction of water absorption rate and thus protects the boards from getting warped and rotten.

Composite Decking Are Far More Durable

The materials that the composite decking is made up of, lend the required longevity to the decking.  Thus, these decks built by the best deck builders near Brisbane are better equipped to withstand extreme as well as severe weather conditions and changes than the other varieties of decking and that also without the need of being treated.

As the weather changes from one condition to another, natural wood expands and contracts pretty significantly. In case of plastic polymers in composite decking however, it greatly reduces the rate of contraction and expansion, thus making the deck much longer-lasting. This deck is also pretty stubborn and is resistant to mould and rot.

These Decks Need Very Little Maintenance

One of the USPs of composite decking is that it hardly needs any maintenance. Also, there is no need to be treated, sanded, stained, painted and seasoned to maintain and augment its longevity. Other types of materials, for instance natural wood, would from time to time need regular professional maintenance for preventing them from rotting as well as splintering. However, composite decking built by quality Brisbane deck builders would merely require  occasional cleaning and wiping and that will be more than enough for it to look as good as new. At most, it may need some light jet wash. 

They Are Aesthetically Rich

Top quality composite decking is available in a wide range of shades. They may include charcoal, graphite or spiced oak. This means, it is much easier for you to pick up the variety that will match the look and feel of your garden and your home without the requirement of any painting job. 

It comes with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic look and feel that will lend your backyard the look you are looking forward to having. For further details, get in touch with BB Decking at 0434554470.

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