What are the 5 Factors that Determine your Deck Building Cost?

What are the 5 Factors that Determine your Deck Building Cost?

So finally, you have decided to build a deck at the backyard of your home to add some extra cooling space. Well, that’s a good decision, as it will not only add some extra space for you to relax but will facelift the backyard of your property and add functional and commercial value as well. 

Now one very important thing that you need to take into account is the cost involved. Frankly speaking, when it comes to discussing deck building, the sky is the limit. That’s where the danger of an unintentional spike in the cost lies. Therefore, before you look for deck builders in Brisbane, you must have a clear idea of what precisely you need so that you can plan accordingly, and keep the prices down. 

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What are the factors that will determine your decking cost? You must know them before you go ahead with the plan. 

1. The Size and the Dimension: 

Quite understandably, the price of the decking will be proportionate with the size and the dimension of the deck you have planned. Remember, even slight alterations in the dimension of your deck will lead to a substantial increase or decrease of the price, but again that amount will depend upon the extent of change and the materials you are using for the decking. 

2. The Material:

Yes! This is the next most important factor that will determine the price. There are so many options to choose from. You can opt for a framing made up of Pressure Treated Wood, generally referred to as the PT wood by the pros. However, for the flooring and the trim, the rails, and the stairs, there are so many choices available.  We would suggest you not to go with the PT wood as it may misbehave over time, though it is a much cheaper option. You can opt for cedar or mahogany, should you look for a wooden frame, though they will be much more expensive.  

Then there are several synthetic materials like the PVS and the composites. They are expensive as well but need hardly any maintenance. So you see, there are so many materials to opt for, and the decking cost will depend accordingly. 

3. Design Amenities:  

This is another factor that can add to the cost of the deck. The number of floor levels, various decorative and aesthetically rich flooring patterns, lattice and benches, and other features will add to the cost factor substantially. 

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4. The Site Condition will Contribute as Well:

The condition of the site will also influence the cost factor. The height of the deck from the ground and the presence of a staircase will determine the cost. If there is a septic system in the way of the deck, this will influence the cost. Again, factors like any hindrance to the use of the digging machine, or need of manual digging due to the absence of adequate space for mechanized digging will surely spike the cost up. 

5. Company you opt For:

Last but not the least, the company you opt for will influence the cost you have to incur for the decking. That is the reason you need to opt for a company that does not dig a pit in your wallet for setting up the deck. 

What better name you look for than BB Decking? We would come up with the best decking solution at a reasonable price. When you visit our website, you can refer to our onsite decking calculator that will help you get a clear idea about your decking cost. For further details, call us at 0434554470 or 1300 155 677 during our office hours.

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