Ways to Choose the Best Timber for Your Pergola – An Expert Guide

Ways to Choose the Best Timber for Your Pergola – An Expert Guide

A pergola can indeed enhance the appeal of the outdoor areas, especially if you have an open space in your Brisbane property such as a garden or tidy backyard. But choosing the timber for the pergola can be difficult if you don’t have the know-how. So, today, we will be discussing how you can choose the right material for the structure and minimise its maintenance costs. Moreover, when you have the necessary knowledge about the materials, you can have an in-depth discussion with the builders regarding the timber.

Let us now see how you can choose the right type of wood for your pergola.

Choosing Between Hardwood and Softwood

Timbers that the pergola builders in Brisbane can be classified into two categories, namely softwood and hardwood.

The former, that is softwood, are mostly derived from the evergreen trees. Pergolas made with them look elegant but might not be durable due to their nimbleness. On the other hand, hardwood grows more slowly but is more durable and is resistant to weather. So, if you want longevity, choosing hardwood for your pergola will be the best decision/

Choosing Between New and Seasoned Timber

Using new timber for your pergola might be a cost-effective solution, but might not be fruitful if you are looking at the future.

These timbers contain moisture, and with time, they go out of shape. Thus, your pergola might shrink, twist or warp, and will get damaged quickly. So, Brisbane pergola builders recommend that you choose seasoned or hard timber that has been properly seasoned. Furthermore, these timbers are devoid of moisture. Hence, they do not go out of shape and are typically long-lasting.

Choosing the H Level Treatment

While choosing wood for your pergola, you will need to determine the ‘H’ level. This denotes the ‘hazard’ treatment applied to the timber. The levels of treatment range from H1 all the way to H5. Here, the lower the value, the better the timber is protected against biological hazards.

This criterion is also important if you are looking to invest in the decking process in Brisbane because you don’t want your pergola or timber to get damaged due to fire or any other environmental hazard.

Choosing the Timber Finish

Generally, pergola builders apply the timber finish after the completion of the structure. However, to reduce the construction time, the builders can use already finished timber. And if that’s the case, you need to choose a glossy, matte or semi-gloss finish which is entirely of your choice.

Some builders might offer you a custom finish. In this scenario, you should get more details from the builders so that you don’t end up with an unattractive pergola.

Life Expectancy

The final question that you will need to ask the constructors whom you might have found out from the internet by searching with the keyword pergola builders near me, is the life expectancy of the timber that they are using.

Generally, timbers used for pergolas or decks should be around 7 to 10 years. Anything less can be a dealbreaker. So, before you invest, you should keep these points in your mind.

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