Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Timber Fence – Complete Guide

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Timber Fence – Complete Guide

For homeowners aiming to increase the privacy of your home, timber fencing proves to be an excellent option. Along with being an attractive addition to their property, timber fences are also durable, highly functional and perfect for adding character. They add impressive thermal profiles for exposed yards and garden and even offers proper shelter from strong winds.

Modern-day timber fencing undergo treatment to be resistant to fungi, bores and termites, meaning minimal maintenance from your end. Plus, these treatments also prevent the fences from decay after being exposed to harsh weather, over time. However, like all property installations, it is important to keep them healthy, so that they continue to stay strong for decades.

‘BB Decking’your timber fence experts serving in Brisbane recommends using quality timber and quality preservative oils and stains to enhance its natural colour. Furthermore; we also suggest using quality paints (preferably with weather preservatives mixed) to achieve a more dramatic effect.

The time-frame for staining and resealing your fence greatly depends on the quality of timber and the weather conditions it is exposed to. What we recommend is resealing your timber when the water no longer beads up on the fence but gets completely soaked in. Still, if you are to set a time for resealing your timber fence, it is best to do it every 2 years.

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Secrets To Extending The Life Of Your Timber Fence-

1. Perform General Cleaning Regularly:-

The first step to maintaining your timber fence is cleaning it properly. You can wipe it using a clean cloth, and if you come across green or black mould over its surface; you can even power-wash it.

Once the cleaning is done, allow ample time for your fence to dry. Ideally; we suggest leaving it for 36-48 hours before you re-paint or re-stain it.

2. Look To Repair Basic Damages:-

Timber fences are strong, but that doesn’t mean that they will not experience some wear and tear after a few years. Splitting, rotting, or other damages can always happen. To ensure it lasts long, look to perform those basic repairs.

Our dedicated timber fencing specialists serving Brisbane will be happy to assist you in those repairs and ensure your timber fence is fixed to perfection.

3. Trim Its Back Bushes & Other Plants:-

Chop off those overgrown back bushes and plants to keep them away from your timber fence. These plants hold moisture, and when they stay in contact with your fences over a sustained period, they can cause noticeable damages.

Plus, by trimming those overgrown plants and bushes, you allow an unobstructed view of your fence- which is a key feature of your property.

4. Keep Your Timber Fence Above Ground To Prevent Termite Problems:-

Termites are a common problem throughout Australia. And if left unchecked, they can eat away at these fences and deteriorate its strength and stability. To prevent this; we suggest keeping your fence a bit above the ground to prevent pesky termites from finding their way to your fence and destroying it from within.

5. Stain Your Timber Fence:-

When looking to stain your timber fence; we suggest doing it in the evening, when your fence is not getting direct sunlight. Doing it during the daytime will allow the paint to dry up quickly and not get soaked into the timber properly.

The benefit of staining is that it gives your fences a fresh hint of colour and safeguards it from the harsh elements without deteriorating its natural wood appearance. To perform this; you can use a brush, a power sprayer or even a roller. Also, follow the stain manufacturer’s instruction on the number of coats needed along with how soon you need to perform its subsequent coats.

Let Us Know How We Can Assist You:-

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your timber fence strong and impressive over a long period. But if you need our assistance to keep your timber fence in top-condition, call us @ 0434554470 and speak to our fencing experts.

Keeping all your requirements in mind and using our fencing cost estimator in Brisbane, we will give you a very close estimation of your project expense.

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