Timber Retaining Walls Or Concrete Sleepers – What Should You Choose?

Timber Retaining Walls Or Concrete Sleepers – What Should You Choose?

Not sure whether to go for a timber retaining wall or concrete sleeper retaining walls? Well, don’t worry! Most homeowners find it confusing to choose which one will work best for their property!

Keeping in mind your needs, here is a comparative discussion on concrete retaining walls and timber retaining walls so that you can make an informed decision!

Starting With Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls:- 

Concrete Sleepers

Simply put- concrete retaining walls are merely bland concrete blocks having incredible durability and longevity. Previously these concrete retaining walls did nothing to enhance the visual appeal of your property. But in today’s time; you can achieve stylish concrete retaining wall constructions with textures and smooth appearance to add a striking presence to your whole garden space.

Hallmarks of Concrete Sleepers Retaining Wall:- 

  • Made of concrete blocks, these retaining walls are long-lasting and can bear a considerable amount of weight, provided they are reinforced appropriately.
  • They don’t warp or rot (as opposed to say- timber retaining walls) and prove to be great for large-sized yards or even commercial properties.
  • Plus, they can be constructed in 3-ways- with concrete sleepers, by pouring concrete into a mould and by placing numerous blocks to achieve the perfect wall finish.
  • What’s more, with a fresh coat of paint; you can achieve the finish you want for your property.

Moving On To Timber Retaining Walls:- 

Timber Retaining Walls

In sharp contrast to concrete sleeper retaining walls, timber retaining walls are more popular due for their natural appearance. If you construct them professionally and look after them, they will last a good 15-20 years (even more).

Hallmarks Of Timber Retaining Walls:- 

  • Timber retaining walls are popular as they are easy to construct (and repair).
  • They are way more budget-friendly in comparison to concrete retaining walls.
  • They offer the warmth and flexibility which comes from quality timber because of the variety of options available in the market.
  • And, although, they may not be as strong and impervious as concrete sleepers, they are still very durable, nonetheless!


It’s tough to pick between both of them, simply because each come with their set of advantages. However, when you have to, look to consider these parameters to make your decision!

When selecting the right retaining wall for your property; first consider the visual aesthetics and longevity.

(Timber is always more visually appealing to concrete. But in 15-25 years you need to be ready to revamp them. That is something you don’t need to mull over with concrete sleepers.)

Next comes the construction process. Timber will need pre-treating to prevent rotting caused by moisture existing in the soil. With that; you need to consider the construction cost, and the space it will consume. On the contrary, concrete sleepers require no mortar and can be installed in a short time.

(Concrete sleepers are a little expensive to timber retaining walls. Plus, they take up more space, making it less than suitable if you have a small-medium sized backyard, particularly that hold back a lot of soil. 

In terms of the timber retaining wall cost; you will find it less expensive compared to concrete sleepers. You also get pre-treated timber supplies at industry-standard rates for your reasonable construction needs.) 

What’s More Popular?

It all boils down to which option you feel will better suit your backyard renovation. But if you still want a decisive point to decide, go for the more popular option- which is timber retaining wall as per homeowners in Brisbane.

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