Things to Do Before Installing a Deck in Your Property in Brisbane

Things to Do Before Installing a Deck in Your Property in Brisbane

Installing a deck enhances the appeal of your property and is hence a great addition. The installation, however, can be a bit time-taking depending on the size and the design of the deck. But before the builders can start the installation work in your property in Brisbane, you will need to do a few things to avoid certain problems during or after the installation and today we will discuss them in detail. 

Normally, the procedures of deck construction involve site preparation and installing the main structure with the railings and stairs on the deck. But before this, you will need to have the necessary documents and the permit that might be necessary for a deck installation in Brisbane. So, we will now delve into the things that need to be done.

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  • Getting the Permit for the Construction 

Whenever you wish to install an outdoor structure, you might have to obtain a construction permit first. These permits are issued by the local building authorities or the departments that oversee building constructions. They will review your plans and if it meets all the criteria, they will grant you permission. 

To make this process hassle-free you can get your plan reviewed by an engineer who can modify the plan or might suggest a new one that will definitely meet the criteria for obtaining the construction permit. 

When you are making the decking installation plan with the builders, make sure you are adhering to the rules set out by the local authorities. In the plan, your decks builder in Brisbane will need to ensure the safety of your property and those around you. Also, when applying, make sure to include all the information related to the construction to avoid rejection.

  • Building Inspection

After the application, the local authorities might send a few inspectors for verification and inspection of your property. The inspectors will check if your property is capable of bearing the weight of the structure and if the plan is developed in compliance with the local guidelines. 

This verification process might take a while and you can expect more than one visit. Also, the building inspector might ask you a few questions related to the construction company and the age of your building which you need to answer correctly. And finally, if you pass the safety test, they will grant you permission for the deck construction. 

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Another quick tip is that before the inspection process if you get your building cleaned by professionals, you might get the permission within a short duration.   

  • Things to Include in the Plan

You will need to include the type of construction that you wish to do and the materials needed along with the utilities such as electricity, cable lines etc. and if they will be affected during the construction. Adding these will help in the inspection process as the inspectors will be aware of these things already.

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