The Most Frequently Asked Questions in Regards to Deck Installation

The Most Frequently Asked Questions in Regards to Deck Installation

More and more people are turning towards decking as decking – regardless of the types they opt for, comes with multiple advantages. Not only do they add more functional space to the property, but they also add a more aesthetic​​​ look and feel to the property. However, all said and done, there are still quite some questions that remain unanswered, and quite a few are confused to be cleared. Nevertheless, let is discuss a few very pertinent FAQs in regards to deck installation in Brisbane, like anywhere else.

What is the minimum permissible space between the decking boards?

As per the Australian norms, the minimum permissible space between the decking boards is 450 mm, centre to centre.

What should be the most suitable decking option to choose for high exposure areas – like a swimming pool?

This will depend on the space available for decking. However, as per the deck installation experts in Brisbane, hardwood decks of top durability variety is the best one.

Which way should the ripple of your decking be directed?

The ripple would always face down, as this will create airflow between the deck and joist. Besides, it will stop debris and water from collecting in the grooves, reducing the probability of decaying of the decking platform.

When should I oil and paint by decking for the first time and how many coats should I apply?

You should oil and paint the decking before laying and you need to put at least three coats on the edges, faces and the end, as this will reduce cupping.

What is the best timber to choose for decking?  

This question is pretty hard to answer. If you have opted to have timber decking in Brisbane, you have a number of options to choose from. All of them are of high quality and come with unique colour and grains.

Will you help me get the best timber for my decking?

Yes, we will. Once you put stakes on us, we will not only come up with the best decking but also help you get the best timber for your decking.

How long does it take to build a standard deck?

Well, it will take as little as just a few days in case of smaller and simpler decks to a few weeks in case of larger and more intricately designed decks.

How should I rate the quality of timbers?

You need to buy timbers from suppliers, who have their stock filled with timbers from fully certified as well as sustainable suppliers.

How can I have my deck serviced, maintained and repaired?

For that, you need to put stakes on your decking company in Brisbane. When you put stakes in a reputed decking company, they not just install decks, but will also conduct servicing, repair and maintenance of decks.

Whom can I rely on for deck installation?

You need to put stakes on a reputed decking installation service provider. Take, for instance, us. BB Decking is one of the most reputed Brisbane decking companies, with all the correct and up to the date  QBCC licence, insurance and tickets to perform every type of decking and associated work.

So call us today to talk to us for your decking needs and fix an appointment. Or write to us to get a free, upfront decking quote near Brisbane.

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