Steps To Carry Out Deck Maintenance in Brisbane Easily

Steps To Carry Out Deck Maintenance in Brisbane Easily

Cleaning your deck once in a year will help you in retaining its beauty. If you are in Brisbane and have a wooden deck, you can follow these maintenance steps to save your time and money. So, now let us take a look at the steps below.

1. Cleaning the Deck Once in a Year

Decks can be made of a variety of woods such as red cedar or southern pine and their longevity depends on the type of wood. However, to protect the longevity and changes in colour cleaning the deck once in a year is essential.

Though your deck is made up of natural wood with a “water-resistant” logo on it, it can never be totally water-resistant. Wood does have a porous surface that absorbs water and contributes to the development of mold, algae, and mildew. Therefore, maintenance is a must otherwise it will start to rot.

So, when it comes to decking in Brisbane, you need to call up professionals for the job since it is essential to protect the natural oils and tannins in the wood.

2. Cleaning the Deck before Colouring

If you wish to colour your deck, you need to clean it first. The reason behind this is the presence of a mill scale. It is actually the wood grain left on the deck that originated during the milling process.

For the colour to soak properly into the deck, the surface needs to be made porous. And this can be achieved by removing the mill scale.

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3. Maintenance of Cedar Decks

Among the different types of woods, the decks that are made with cedar are very popular. In most of the deck ideas in Brisbane using cedar is recommended as it is resistant to insects and rots.

After cleaning a new cedar deck you might find a white residue, like a thin film, appearing on the surface. This is called ‘fuzzies’. If you find this, do not worry as this is quite common for new decks and will disappear with time. But, if you want to prevent the ‘fuzzies’ from appearing, you need to use the cleaning agents in a specific concentration. Also, check if any cleaning solution is left on the surface as it might generate more ‘fuzzies’.

After applying the solution try not to scrub the surface and if you wish to apply colour, make sure you do it while the wood is still wet. And if you do not want to apply colour, you can use a wood brightener.

Lastly, if this sounds confusing, you need to call up professionals for the job who will carry out the maintenance for you.

4. Avoid Pressure Washing

Try to avoid pressure washing at all costs as it can damage the wooden deck. Moreover, pressure washing can further push the algae, mildew, etc. deep into the pores of your deck where they can multiply and damage the wood from inside.   

Searching For a Professional Deck Maintenance Service? Call Us Now

At BB Decking we provide comprehensive deck maintenance in Brisbane where we ensure that your deck stays beautiful round the year. Our professionals will inspect your deck and then suggest the best-suited service. So, for a maintenance service, get in touch with us now.

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