Some Very Pertinent Deck Installation FAQs that You Must Ask

Some Very Pertinent Deck Installation FAQs that You Must Ask

Are you looking forward to hiring a quality deck installation specialist in Brisbane? You must look for one of the most accomplished deck builders who have been offering services for years. If you are in Brisbane, your search should end at BB Decking. With enough experience and skills, our experts would come up with a flawless installation, which will meet your custom needs to the fullest. The most important aspect is that once you put your stakes on us, you can be assured of 100% satisfaction, which will give you absolute peace of mind. 

However, not every service provider is not as perfect and as competent as we are. This is surely not to demean the other deck builders in Brisbane, but you must not forget to ask a few questions before you hire them. 

What Decking Brands Do You Deal with?

Reputed deck builders in Brisbane would work with the best quality products from the best brands in the market. We do the same at BB Decking. Thus, when you hire a professional, you must know beforehand, the quality and the brand of product the service provider uses for deck installation.  

How Do You Fasten the Decking to the Frame?

Remember, the mechanism that is followed to fasten the decking to the deck frame makes a huge difference to the structural integrity of the deck. Thus, you must ask the company the way it adopts the fasten the decking to the frame. There are a variety of hidden fastener systems, which the deck installation specialists would use, depending upon the deck material that is being used.  

How Do You Construct the Footers of the Decking? 

Generally, the classic way of constructing the footers involve digging at least 4 feet down, using a 15-inch auger and then pouring a 15 inch by 10-inch footer on which a pier with a 10 to 12-inch diameter will sit, and it this pier that will be carrying the load of the deck. Ask whether the deck building specialists in Brisbane whom you have hired follow that procedure. 

What Do You Use Beneath the Deck to Prevent Vegetation from Growing?  

This is one of the most important aspects of deck building, which will help the foundation of the deck from being overwhelmed by vegetation. In most cases, the specialists would use commercial grade weed barrier fabric and stones to protect them from the growth of the weed. Ask whether the installers that you have hired would follow this procedure. 

What Will Be the Time Frame of the Project?  

When it comes to fixing the time frame for the project, it strictly depends upon the dimension and type of the deck, which you have planned for. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the Brisbane deck builders come up with a fixed time frame and it abides by it. That will ensure the cost of the project does not overshoot your budget. 

What Will Be the Cost?

Again, the cost of deck installation will depend upon the dimension and the nature of materials that you have planned for your deck. Thus, you need to ask the deck installation company about the cost beforehand, as that will help you set the budget. 

Thus you see, you must ask your deck installation specialist these questions. Once you hire a reputed service provider, you will get definite and satisfactory answers to all these questions. Hire BB Decking and you will get the best solutions you have been looking for. And you will get all the informative answers to all these questions. Call us at 0434554470 or 1300 155 677 for further details.  

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