Signs That Say It’s Time to Summon a Professional Timber Deck Maintenance Service Provider

Signs That Say It’s Time to Summon a Professional Timber Deck Maintenance Service Provider

Timber decks last long!! Yes…it’s one of the plus points of having them installed.  They serve you for long, adding that natural look and feel to your property all along! But all said and done, they still need care and have to be overhauled periodically so that it holds back its natural sheen and gets all the more stubborn to brave elements. 

But then, you must not miss the bus. Thus, you must keep an eye on certain signs that will unmistakably tell you that it’s time to overhaul your timber decking. You must act in time. To be frank, we keep on getting customers who act too late. They summon us, when their deck maintenance had long been overdue. This not only does irreparable damage to their decks but increases their deck maintenance cost by manifold. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to know the signs that tell you it’s time to summon your professional timber deck maintenance service provider to overhaul your decking. 

The Railings Shake 

You will find the railings shaking when you grab them. Yes, they will surely be still fastened to the floor, but you will find the nails have loosened and they bump in and out of the hole with your steps, as you walk! 

Timber Deck

The Deck Board Bobs 

The deck boards will start bobbing up and down whenever you walk on them. Even when your kids run on them, you will find them wobbling up and down under their light bodyweight. It appears as if it will give in with slightly more pressure!! They for sure, have become warped and need immediate overhauling or replacement. 

Signs of Rot Here and There 

This is another telltale sign that your timber deck needs to be overhauled immediately. These are long haul results of water damage on the timber and happens if the timber was not stained properly when you stained it last, or it has long been you have not overhauled it. You will find the surface spongy at places with dark stains that always remain moist. It’s time to summon professionals who are into deck maintenance in Brisbane without any delay whatsoever! 

The Overall Deterioration of the Timber 

This mainly has to do with an overall deterioration of the look and feel of the timber. Time can take a toll on even the best timbers if not cared for long. Elements like termites, the normal wear and tear results in the structural disintegration of the timber and that show off. You will find an overall degradation of the sheen of the timber, with cracks and holes here and there. And then the fixtures and fittings that are responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the deck begin to give way. The nails and screws start to rust and fall off, and even supporting locks start loosening here and there. 

These are all wake-up calls – to say the least! You must pull up your socks and look for a seasoned deck renovation and maintenance company in Brisbane. Call BB Decking for the best results. With 15 years of experience, we will come up with nothing but the best. Don’t forget our tagline – ‘quality timber finishes’! We justify it…ALWAYS!!  Call us at 1300 155 677 for further details.

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