Roles that Retaining Concrete or Timber Walls Never Fail to Perform

Roles that Retaining Concrete or Timber Walls Never Fail to Perform

Retaining walls  are sturdy structures – to start with. No matter whether they are concrete or timber, they are born to be tough – to hold back or ‘retain’ things from falling apart (hence the name) and indeed, when you come up with a rock solid retaining wall in style, it not only gives strength and sustainability to the soil and its content, it also adds a character to your property in the most prolific way. You can surely set up a retaining wall in the most innovative way, but that does not overwhelm the fact that it is supposed to play certain roles that have got nothing to do with aesthetics. So let us put aside the issue of aesthetics and discuss some of the major structural roles that a typical retaining wall – concrete sleeper of timber, set up by a retaining wall expert near you is supposed to play.

They Help in Levelling the Ground

When it comes to customising a yard, negating the undulations is pretty important. Dousing the inclinations is essential for plantations, setting up beautification structures and lending an aesthetic character to the yard. Here is where the retaining walls play a pivotal role. They are supposed to hold the ground in a definite shape and form, douse the inclines, prevent erosion and help in levelling the ground, so much so that you can customise it in the way you want. Thus you see, but for a rock solid retaining wall, it becomes practically impossible for you to negate the undulations and hold the soil back. Without a retaining wall, rains will prove to be costly for your yard as it will erode away the soil – even if you level it

They Add Functionality to the Slopes

Are you looking forward to adding some character to your yard by incorporating slopes? Well, that’s a great idea, for they look excellent, more so when they overlook a chic water body or a rock formation. But what if they do not hold? What if they erode away with time and with rain? That’s what happens when you do not have a firm retaining wall set up at the right place, in the right way. Experts dealing with timber retaining walls in Brisbane (timber is a better choice here than concrete as its more eco friendly) like anywhere else would quip, having a firm retaining wall at the start of the slope will not only add a visual character to your yard, but will hold back the slope in its place, adding functionality to it. In other words, retaining walls help these slopes to hold back and serve the purpose it;s supposed to. Here again, the height of the wall will matter, as the wall has to be proportionately tall – not to obscure the visuals. The form, shape and the height of the retaining wall will matter.

They Improve the  Drainage

Ok, let us now get into a more important aspect of having a retaining wall. Would you like your yard to get into a mess after a smart shower or after you have watered the foliage? Certainly not! Here is where a retaining wall will make a difference. Ask any specialist dealing with concrete sleeper retaining walls in Brisbane, and the pro will suggest having a one, at strategic points with a resounding sewerage running along its base. It will give the water a definite path to flow out of your yard and merge with the draining system, helping your yard to stay clear of puddles and mess.

Therefore, you cannot run away from retaining walls if you are to add strength and character to your yard. Call BB Decking today, if you are in Brisbane, we are the best in the business.

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