Pool Decking With Wood: Is It A Sensible Investment?

Pool Decking With Wood: Is It A Sensible Investment?

It’s no secret that swimming pools boost the overall aesthetics of your property. It creates a fun recreational spot to relax with friends, siblings and even kids. Plus, it serves as your personal entertainment spot where you can have a Wine/Booze counter or a BBQ kitchen (if cooking is your hobby).

Most importantly, a pool helps increase a property’s overall value, making it desirable for any buyer whenever you see fit to sell it. But with any swimming pool installation comes the need for a quality, sturdy and functional deck- the area which encapsulates the pool and makes it distinctive from the rest of your yard.

To achieve a proper deck surface, you will come across a litany of materials- ranging from natural stones, concrete and even recycled synthetic plastic.

But What About, Wood? We already know that it has always been a popular choice for home constructions, renovations, extensions and even landscaping features.

So, Does Wood Seem a Rational Pool Decking Option for Your Property in Brisbane?

Our Experts At BB Decking Believe It To Be So…!

Wooden pool decks often appear special, mainly due to its natural style and warm looks. And with its distinctive visual appeal, it can easily transform simple backyards into an elegant and up-to-date leisure spot.

Wood decks offer lots of benefits, especially ones which are constructed with modified wood-like Kebony, Cape Reed Timber, Cedar, Redwood, Ipe and even treated lumber. And once installed, they will last an impressive length of time, much like the other top decking options in the market.

They Are Easy to Customise as per the Pool’s Shape & Yard Needs:-

  • Wooden decks are way easier to customise according to the pool shape, size and your backyard needs.
  • They are easy to cut, reshape and doesn’t need the same amount of levelling as for those other decking materials.
  • They come with soft, soothing and organic appeal and can easily blend into any kind of garden or yard setting.
  • Whether you choose traditional, contemporary or something completely unique, you can easily achieve it using quality timber.
  • And if you wish to add benches, flower boxes, yard dining area or other aesthetic features to complement your pool area; you can easily accomplish it using that timber material itself.

They Prove More Comfortable Underfoot:-

During those hot summer months, when the sun beats down on your pool surface,  materials like concrete and stone can often hold on to the heat and make it difficult to walk to and from the pool.  Furthermore, they can also get very slippery and pose more risks of falling and getting injured.

Wood pool decks, on the other hand, present a more comfortable underfoot to stand or walk to and from the pool.

Pool Decking

They Are Known For Their Impressive Durability & Longevity:-

  • Some modified timber doesn’t require any maintenance over their lifetime, except for its normal cleaning.
  • Similarly, other top quality wood materials don’t get affected by the natural weather or moisture that it comes in contact with.
  • They also don’t get hampered by thaw or freezing cycles during those cold seasons.

And Of Course, They Are Highly Sustainable:-

Whenever you choose wood for your pool deck, durability and sustainability will come guaranteed. They don’t require timely sealing to maintain its sustainability, unlike other options such as concrete or stones.

Some deck timbers are pre-treated with a biodegradable chemical which averts insect invasion, rotting, and natural weathering.

Thinking About a Timber Pool Deck Construction?

Our experienced pool deck builders near Brisbane will help you come up with the perfect layout. And once everything is planned out, they will start the construction work and deliver you highly functional and cost-efficient pool decks to boost your property appeal.

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