Planning to Clean Your Timber Deck? Follow This Guide

Planning to Clean Your Timber Deck? Follow This Guide

Several things can affect the timber deck in your home in Brisbane and can reduce its lifespan. These include weather effects, mould growth and accumulation of too much dirt and dust. But, if you want to clean your deck, you will need to use a pressure cleaner and today we will discuss a few things that you need to follow before or while you are cleaning it to prevent surface damages.

  • Remove the Dirt and Dust Thoroughly before Pressure Cleaning

Experts providing timber decking in Brisbane suggest that you sweep the deck surface thoroughly before you start pressure cleaning. Leaving the dirt and dust on the surface during the procedure can lead to chipping and scratch marks.

To remove the dust and debris you can use a broom, and if the dust is light, even vacuum cleaning will work.

  • Learn about the Type of Timber before You Start Cleaning

There are different types of timber and each has its own capability of withstanding pressure. So, before you start cleaning know what type of timber you have. It will help you to choose the right cleaning equipment as well as the pressure. On the other hand, if you try to clean your deck by applying the wrong amount of pressure, you can irreparably damage the timber.

  • Choose the Right Spray Tip for the Pressure Cleaner

Pressure cleaners come with a spray tip that allows you to control the flow of water and the shape of the spray. So, professionals providing deck installation in Brisbane recommend that before you start cleaning; pick a fan tip that will spray the water evenly. For this, you should avoid narrow tips. Besides, you should use a nozzle that can spray at a 40 to 60-degree angle as this will help you to achieve the best results.

  • Test the Pressure First

Before you start to clean, you should test the pressure of the water first to avoid damages to your timber deck.

For that, you will need a piece of wood, not too small and not too large either. Spray the water and check the results.

If you feel that the flow and pressure are optimised, you can start cleaning your deck.

  • Now Test the Range

Testing the range of the nozzle of the pressure cleaning equipment is the next important thing to do as recommended by the professionals providing Brisbane deck installation service.

You should set the range to medium for optimal results. But first, you should hold the nozzle a metre away from the wood for testing purposes.

If you are happy with the results, you can start cleaning.

  • Maintain Distance

While cleaning, you will need to maintain distance depending on the pressure that you have set and the type of timber with which your deck is made up with.

This will give you the best results and will also keep you safe.

  • The Right Motion is Necessary

A sweeping motion works best when it comes to deck cleaning since this helps to systematically clean the surface. Moreover, this method is less stressful compared to the top to bottom one.

So, after installing your deck, you should follow these points if you want to keep it clean.

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