Know How Retaining Walls Can Help in Maintaining the Outdoors

Know How Retaining Walls Can Help in Maintaining the Outdoors

The Australian landscape isn’t entirely flat, and a few homeowners like to build and live in different types of environment. Be it a home perched up in the mountains or you are looking for beautiful abode near sea area heightened by cliffs- We adore such landscape. What if you wanted a beautiful garden in such places? Well, such an intricate piece of work isn’t possible without a trusty retaining wall.

So, if you’re about to introduce green lush for your outdoors with proper land support, here are a few retaining wall ideas we have introduced-

What is retaining walls?

Retaining wall is a structure that holds the soil on one side and remains free-standing at another side. Especially, if you’re residing at en elevated space, then concrete sleeper retaining wall in Brisbane can add the appeal to sloping block. Even people living in a flat area can introduce the dimension and height to their garden space using the retaining walls.

Retaining Wall

This is an effective way to create zones for different floral or seasonal plants in front of the back yard. With elevated living or outdoor entertainment or elevated planting areas create different zones outdoors. Apart from visually striking options, it makes sense for proper drainage as well as can build the edges, where people can sit.

Retaining wall materials:

Retaining walls can be built in a number of styles using a number of materials. Here are some material options-

  • Wood: Wood retaining walls are easy to build and comes affordable. Building walls come easy to reshape the slopes on the property and can create paver patio, garden, level area of driveways.
  • Concrete blocks: With a number of choices, homeowners can build retaining walls with concrete blocks that work as a sound structure to support the construction work as well as in making partitions.
  • Veneer: Veneer walls are the way to bring nature back in your garden landscape design by introducing stone veneers. They can be cladded onto the new and existing walls with minimum preparation work.
  • Masonry stone walls: Country style homeowners mostly prefer this stone retaining walls. It is little more than a vertical stack of stones which are laid together carefully and slowly. As a result, they get locked together under their weight. Whereas brick walls need mortar to hold them up for high rise building, dry stone walls are used for fencing the animals or for marking out the garden edges

The interesting fact about retaining walls is they don’t have to be perfectly straight, and you can add a curve to your retaining walls to add the style to your outdoor space. Be it concrete sleeper retaining wall or timber retaining wall in Brisbane; your preference should be dictated by three things- personal preference, the environment and the load that retaining walls can take. Whether you know or not, every yard is differently affected by the lateral earth pressure that includes soil weight, drainage effectiveness, water build-up behind wall and waterproofing. So, before making any decision, you have to consult with the our experienced landscaper at or can call us at 1300 155 677.

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