Key Differences Between Insulated Patio Roofs and Normal Roof Sheets

Key Differences Between Insulated Patio Roofs and Normal Roof Sheets

Having a patio in your Brisbane property is not enough. If you want to retain its appearance, you will need to keep it well-maintained. For that, installing an insulated roof will be required. This roof will not only protect the patio, but it will also give a cool shade to you as well which can be very comfortable. But when it comes to patio roofing, various materials are used and today, we will be taking a look at the differences between an insulated roof and a normal roof made with wooden or metal sheets.

If you are looking to install a patio roof, this discussion might help. So, go through this and note down the points that you find useful since you can get more details regarding them from the roof builders.

Heat Reduction Mechanism

Wooden patio roofs might reduce the heat transfer a bit. But metal roof sheets will not. Rather, they might give off more heat. This is where an insulated patio roof in Brisbane stands out.

It blocks the heat thus keeping the patio cool. Hence, the area underneath it will always remain comfortable even when the sun is directly overhead.

Weather Resistance

A metal patio roof can give good protection from the weather. But a wooden roof might not since rain and harsh winds can wear it down faster. In fact, too much sunlight can also be detrimental. However, the insulated roof wins the race here.

These roofs are made with certain materials that are not affected by weather changes. Thus, you get enhanced durability with this type of roof. Quite naturally, the more durable it is, the more it will last.

Mould Prevention

A wooden patio roof is very susceptible to mould growth and the damage caused by it. For this reason, reputed patio builders in Brisbane recommend against it, unless you have the time and resources required for the maintenance.

A steel roof over the patio, on the other hand, is generally resistant to mould but eventually gets worn down or develops rust on the surface. However, an insulated roof is resistant to mould and even other bacterial or fungal growth.


A wooden roof looks very appealing whether the surface colour is flat or polished. In comparison a metal roof, even if coloured, might not be that gorgeous but still looks good over the patio. On the other hand, a Brisbane-insulated patio roof will have a plain finish. It will have a clean white finish with a steel sheet underneath.

Panel Size

The wooden panel size on the roof is smaller compared to the steel one to keep the roof secure. However, due to better flexibility in moulding, steel panels are larger and offer more shadow. But the largest panels can be found on insulated patio roofs. This helps in the reduction of too many support beams thus reducing the installation cost.

Cable Concealment Options

The reason why Brisbane patio builders recommend building insulated roofs is that you get the option of concealing the cables from the lights or fans that you install on the roof ceiling.

Unfortunately, with a wooden or steel roof, this option is not available thus making the insulated roof a viable option.

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