How to Select The Timber For Your Pergola? A General Guideline

How to Select The Timber For Your Pergola? A General Guideline

When it comes to selecting the right type of timber, choices are many. While in one hand it gives you the option of choosing from too many options, on the other hand, the same can very well be a bewildering experience. Yes, aesthetics do play an important role when it comes to selecting the right type of timber, but yet, there are a lot of factors to be considered before choosing the right timber.

Let us on this page, discuss various aspects of selecting the right timber for your pergola.

Selecting Between Hardwood and Softwood

From the technical aspect, the terms, ‘hardwood’ and ‘softwood’ come from the fact whether the trees conceal their seeds, (for instance in Spotted Gum, Merbau, Jarrah, Mahogany and so on) or they leave them unguarded to fall on the ground (as in cases of cypress, pine and the likes).

Hardwoods, in general, are derived from the deciduous trees, while softwoods are available from the evergreens. Hardwood’s growth is much slower and is denser in structure. Naturally, they are also much harder and are tougher and more durable. They are also much expensive, as well.

Hence, it is always advisable to opt for hardwood, as they are exceptionally long-wearing and are more resistant to the vagaries of nature. Naturally, they need less maintenance and helps in savings. That is the reason when it comes to setting up timber pergolas in Brisbane it is wiser to prefer hardwoods over softwoods though you may shell out a bit more for the hardwood timber. However, it is worth investing for them in the long run.

New or Seasoned Timber?

Timber Pergola

The age of the timber and whether it is seasoned or not, make a lot of difference in the structure and durability of the pergola. Unseasoned or green timber contains too much natural moisture content. As the timber loses that moisture over the years, it shrinks, warps and twists, and thus the entire pergola buckles up, shortening its life.

That is why using seasoned hard timber is an absolute imperative. Again, the timbers that are dried a bit too quickly will shrink on its surface, and compress the still moisture-laden sub-surface wood. This will again make the wood unstable and brittle.

Thus, it is essential to make sure that the timber that is used for decking with pergola in Brisbane are not only seasoned but seasoned over a long period. This is to make sure there is no trace of even slightest moisture content anywhere in its structure. Thus, only a correctly seasoned timber will be the right choice for the making of the pergola. Only and only then, they can be used for constructing pergolas and decking.

That perhaps explains how you need to opt for the right timber for your pergola and deck and why. The intervention of a seasoned company like BB Decking will go a long way in selecting the right timber. Our experts will help you in opting for the right kind of timber. Besides, we will also help in H-Level treatments.

What are H0 Level treatments?

‘H’, here stands for Hazard. Here, hazard typically refers to the factors that affect the expected longevity of the timber. They may include the susceptibility of the timber to fungal and termite infestation. Hence, when it comes to H- Level Treatments, they refer to the application of chemical compounds on the timber for preserving it.

There are various assigned numbers like H1, H2, H3, H4…and so on, with each number designated for a specific use. Also, it is possible to apply fire-resistant chemicals to make them as safe as they can be.

Then again, if you are to retain and restore the shine of your pergola for long, read our previous blog. Here the hard-to-miss hacks, that will help to restore and retain the shine of your pergola.

So you see, summoning us helps you in so many ways in setting up the perfect decking or pergola. For further details, feel free to call us at 0434554470.

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