How to Know If You Need to Construct a Retaining Wall in Your Backyard?

How to Know If You Need to Construct a Retaining Wall in Your Backyard?

Retaining walls, regardless of their very nature and structure, are an indispensable part of landscaping. They add character to your landscaped backyards, help them to look creative as well as eye-catching, and take their aesthetic appeal to an altogether new level. Indeed, a well-conceptualised and well-constructed retaining wall will go a long way to add an altogether new look and feel to your landscape.

Now the question is, how would you know that you need a retaining wall in your landscaped backyard? Well, it depends upon your needs and indeed, there are a few signs that will tell you to opt for a retaining wall – either concrete or timber, for your garden.

When You Need a Flat Landform for Your Greenery to Flourish

Remember, besides fulfilling your creative vision, these retaining walls also have a solid structural objective. They are excellent when it comes to holding the soil together and thus, thwart any possibility of soil erosion so that you can have the greenery of your dreams.

Thus, if your home is on a slope or if you have any multi-level landscaping, a retaining wall will come in handy in a great way. You need to consult a concrete sleeper retaining wall specialist in Brisbane who will come up with a suitable structure, who will save your green from being uprooted by the gravitational force. Retaining walls are the first line of defence for the plants as they can create flat land patches to let you grow your foliage as per your heart’s desire. You can have all that you desire for your landscape without the probability of the foliage rolling down.

When You Have Water Drainage Issues

If you notice puddles of stagnant water in your garden, that’s not a very good sign. It has to be fixed at the earliest, for stagnant water is notorious for softening and rotting the roots of your foliage. Besides, they contribute to the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. This is where a retaining wall will come to your help. It will break the levels of your land, and the walls that come with an in-built water drainage system will help you get rid of this issue.

Indeed, a sound and well-oriented water drainage system is an essential component of retaining walls, as the hardness of concrete and absence of porosity will negate any possibility of water passage whatsoever.

When You Have Erosion Issues to Tackle

Erosion is one of the most discerning problems to deal with when it comes to landscaping, and here is where the retaining walls, constructed by specialists, come in handy. The retaining walls will help challenise the water down to areas where there is no chance of any soil erosion whatsoever. Questions may be raised here about the efficacy of timber retaining walls, but experts, in an attempt to preserve the ecosystem of your landscape might abstain from building concrete walls. Instead, they might opt for high-quality timber retaining walls that will preserve the naturalism of the landscape. And the fact that high-quality timbers are stubborn adds to the longevity of the wall as well. Thus, specialists who are into the construction of timber retaining walls in Brisbane will come up with the best solution for your garden.

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