How to Install Insulated Patio Roofs? A Step by Step Guide

How to Install Insulated Patio Roofs? A Step by Step Guide

Insulated patio roofs come up with a number of advantages. However, to ensure that you enjoy all those advantages the construction of the patio has to be perfect. That’s why, if you have any plans of installation of insulated patio roofs in your Brisbane property, you must put stakes on a name that is best and the most competent one, when it comes to offering installation of insulated patio roof in Brisbane. The professionals will follow certain steps to come up with a flawless installation. On this page, let us discuss the  steps that the experts would follow to install an insulated patio roof.

Step#1: Cleaning: This is the first step to start with. They will clean the underside of the roof by applying a light acid cleaner. The experts will scrub the surface clean or will use a solution of one tablespoon of chlorine and a gallon of water for washing the roof interior surface. While doing so, they will examine thoroughly to find out any hole  or crack in the roof. If found, they will  plug them, using sheet metals, caulk or high quality roofing cement.

Step#2: Measurement:  Next, the insulated patio roof installers in Brisbane will measure the space in between the joists to ascertain the size of the insulation batts that are needed. If needed, they might use a utility knife to cut the batts so that the slabs fit in the space snugly. They generally leave an inch or half space between the insulation panels so that the material can breathe. Then they will use a staple gun (Not nails) to fix the materials.

Step#3: Foam Insulation: Next, the experts will lay a rigid layer of foam insulation atop the roof surface. While doing so, they will ensure that the foam panels are installed perpendicular to the wooden joists.

Step#4: Sealing the Edges: Now they will seal the edges of the insulation surface with the use of high quality duct tape, to ensure that the insulating material is well protected from water, moisture, heat and wind. At times, the insulated patio roof installation specialists in Brisbane use plasters or light mortars for filling the spaces more stubbornly and comprehensively, though it is not always mandatory.

Step#5: Fine tuning the Sealing: Next, the experts would fine tune the sealing to ensure there are no flaws left. For instance, in case there are any areas on the roof’s underside, which are pretty difficult to reach, they would use spray foam to seal them thoroughly. One advantage of hiring a ruptured patio roof installation service in Melbourne is that they have the requisite tools and technology to reach out to those inaccessible corners and complete the insulation comprehensively.

Step#6 Painting: Finally, they will cover the insulation  foam and the duct tapes with a layer of highly durable paint. The professionals will use only latex or water-based acrylic paint on the insulation as other paints will not get arrested on the surface.

Thus you see, installation of insulated patio roofs is a technical process and only the best can do it flawlessly. If you are in Brisbane, BB Decking is the best name to hire. Call us to fix an appointment, or write to us to get an online quote.

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