How to Build Low-Maintenance Pergolas for Your Garden?

How to Build Low-Maintenance Pergolas for Your Garden?

Investing in durable pergolas is always a good choice. Yes, the cost to construct these structures is a bit higher than the normal ones, but it’s worth the money. So, if you are in Brisbane and looking to build a low-maintenance pergola in your garden, make sure that the builders are using these materials in the construction process.

The Fasteners are Not Exposed

For holding the joints, the pergola builders in Brisbane will use weather-resistant vinyl as it not only makes the structure more durable but also makes it long-lasting. Also, apart from the fasteners, the builders will apply for vinyl protection on the other areas as well.

Besides, by using vinyl, they can conceal the metal called fasteners that hold the entire structure. Thus, they remain protected against weather throughout the year.

Vinyl is always a Good Solution

Generally, pergolas are made from are wood and metal. But the best solution is always vinyl since they make the structure weatherproof and hence more durable. Thus, you don’t need to invest too much in maintenance.

On the other hand, metal pergolas are prone to rust and require anti-rust treatments from time to time. Similarly, pergolas made of wood are prone to mould and mildew growth on the surface and hence require frequent painting.

This is where vinyl pergolas excel as they do not require any specific treatment and can last for many years.

Cleaning Vinyl Pergolas are Easier

Choosing vinyl pergolas in Brisbane is another good decision because they are very easy to clean. In contrast to the wooden pergolas where specialised cleaning will need to be done if mould or mildew growth is seen, the vinyl pergolas never face this problem. You can even clean the dirt or the growth from the surface by using dish soap or any other cleaner.

Retaining the Colour

A low maintenance pergola is that where the colour does not faint easily. For that, however, you will need to invest in vinyl. But if you make a wooden pergola for your garden, it might look elegant, but the surface colour will start deteriorating within a couple of years and you will need to paint it again. But this problem is absent in the ones made of vinyl.

Installing an Insulated Patio Roof

If the deck of the pergola faces constant sunlight, the colour will wear off quickly and the surface will also lose the smoothness. So, you can install an insulated patio roof in Brisbane to protect your structure and to reduce the maintenance costs that you might have to incur due to the damage caused by weather.

Trim the Plants Around the Pergola

If there is an outgrowth of plants around the pergola in your garden, it can lead to seepage of more rainwater on the deck or might lead to a pest infestation if it is not made with vinyl.

So to avert the problem, trim the grass and plants around the pergola. That way, you can make the existing structure low-maintenance by default.

We Build the Best Pergolas

At BB Decking, we construct high-quality pergolas and insulated patio roofs in Brisbane. So, to add appeal to your garden or the outdoor areas with any of these structures, call us now.

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