Follow the Crucial Deck Maintenance Tips Before its Too Late

Follow the Crucial Deck Maintenance Tips Before its Too Late

We all have experienced dreaded long nights turning and tossing, watching the hours drift by slowly. You usually blame that last cup of coffee or that heavy cheese sandwich right before bedtime!

Unless of course; you the cause of anxiety is something else- like the ill-condition of your timber deck and the need to get it professionally maintained.

BB Decking; your reliable decking specialists serving all across Brisbane COMES TO YOUR RESCUE. We undertake numerous home improvement projects for homeowners, landlords and other commercial property owners. And using our vast field knowledge; we also suggest you quality deck maintenance tips to keep it robust, good-looking and long-lasting!

Reasons Why Your Deck Needs Proper Maintenance:-

  • Your timber deck rots due to a direct result of not getting the appropriate maintenance over-time. And here are some common causes of why it deteriorates.
  • Timber is often hampered by adverse weather conditions and excessive moisture exposure. After a while; your wooden deck starts showing signs of water damage. And even the best sealant can wear off with time and use and need to be re-applied from time to time.
  • As the wooden deck is water damaged, it loses it’s durability and becomes extremely hazardous when walked on. With time; they even crack underneath, making it extremely difficult to use.
  • Moreover, as more mould and grime accumulate over your deck surface, they can make the timber surface slippery and hamper its overall lifespan.
  • Other than being fully damaged, the entire deck’s visual appearance will become dire, drab and unappreciated.
  • Furthermore; there are some types of wood which shrink with time as it dries out. Due to that; it will create gaps in your deck surface. And, as unfortunate as it may sound; the only way to correct this issue is to replace those degraded boards. 

If You Need Insights On How To Keep Your Timber Deck In Good Condition? Here Are Deck Maintenance Steps Which We Recommend From Our End.

Deck Maintenance Steps

Step 1:- Inspect the condition of the timber deck, and look to do it every year. Look for those loose timber boards or any protruding nails that call for proper repair. Also clean your timber deck from any existing toy, furniture or any existing fragile items that may be present.

Once you have done that; properly sweep the whole timber board area and when doing so, ensure your kids or pets don’t access that area.

Step 2:- The next step is properly cleaning the timber board and scraping out whatever existing debris or dust has accumulated. This should be done prior to re-applying the sealant. For those debris that has clogged in-between, the deck space needs to be blasted out using a powerful nozzle, power washer or effective garden hose.

Although; you can go with bleach-based products to tackle existing stains and signs of discolouration; we would recommend using an acid-based restoration product to kill mildew, without leaving the surface looking drab or washed out.

Our proficient deck maintenance specialists in Brisbane; recommend using a stiff-bristle brush to clean out stuck dirt and grime, along with giving it a proper scrub using appropriate chemicals. Once the whole area is scrubbed, wait for the desired length of time for the solution to work and rinse the whole deck using a pressure washer. One risk is applying too much pressure over the timber deck can make the gouge wood/grain to be exaggerated.

Step 3:- After you have cleaned your timber deck surface; allow sufficient time for it to dry. Then choose the right paint or stain for your deck surface. Also, pick a quality stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer, that is supposed to be used, at first!

Don’t pick a heavily pigmented solid stain as it may show wear and tear patterns and also peel with time. Instead; you can go for waterproof paints which come with ultra-violet protection. Furthermore; if mildew is a potential problem, then you can use a finish which consists of mildewcide- a wood preservative.

Step 4:- Lastly, seal your timber deck using a quality product that provides optimal protection. The level of protection mainly depends on how you choose to apply the sealant. You can seal your deck using a soft brush, spray on or a paint roller. If you are time conscious; then look to use a sprayer, which is the fastest way to seal your timber deck surface.

When sorting out your sealant option; be sure to go for a product that guarantees ultra-violet protection to minimise the damaging sun-effects.

Of-Course There’s An Easier Way To Do All This:-

If you’re short on time or find all of this too much to handle yourself, then you can Call Us @0434554470.

Delivering top-quality and professional timber deck maintenance service in Brisbane; we have dedicated professionals who have all the knowledge to provide proper maintenance.

So, get in touch with us whenever you see fit. We will send over our best experts to spruce your deck and restore its aesthetic beauty.

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