Factors that Determine Your Timber Decking Expenses – A Short Preview

Factors that Determine Your Timber Decking Expenses – A Short Preview

If you are planning to add materialistic and aesthetic value and some functional space to your home, decking is a pretty feasible option. And when it comes to decking nothing is as visually enticing and aristocratic as timber decking. Indeed, timbers go a long way to add an unparalleled visual richness to the decks, much due to their appeal, structural stoutness, and the kind of finesse they are associated with. 

There are various types of timbers available in the market and each of them is unique in terms of style and look & feel. Besides, the cost you incur for your decking plans also depend upon the type of timber you select for your deck. Yet, all said and done, some other factors will determine the cost of timber decking anywhere in the world. 

Thus, if you are a resident of Brisbane, and planning to have a timber deck at your home, you must op for a reputed decking company who will not only be able to set up the perfect, high-quality deck at your property but will also be able to give you a clear idea about your timber decking expenses in Brisbane. When you have BB Decking, you need to look for none other than us!! 

Nevertheless, here on this page, we discuss a few factors that will unmistakably determine the cost of your decking project. 

Dimension, Type, and Size of the Deck:

This is quintessentially the most obvious factor that will determine the cost of the project. When you opt for a customised decking project, it will obviously vary in size, getup, and dimensions as per your needs and compulsions. Thus, the cost of the project will also vary accordingly. 

Again, if you opt for a freestanding deck, it will cost you less than their attached varieties. This is because a freestanding deck building does not involve the building of any additional structure for functioning normally. Attached decks need to be bolted to the main structure of your property and thus depend on the structural integrity of your home for its stability. Thus, this bolting and integrating the deck with the main structure carries an extra cost that spurs up the expense.

timber decking 

Nature of Use:

Yes!! This is another factor that will fix the price of decking. Depending upon whether you are planning to set up the deck for your primary use or not, the structure and layout of the deck will have to be planned. Thus, if you want the decking for primary use, you need to ensure the structure is that stubborn and is strong enough to take on activities like barbequing and lounging. If so, then naturally the decking costs will spike.   


The materials you use for decking plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of decking. The composite variety is obviously more durable and thus, needs much lesser maintenance subsequently. However, the cost of composite decking is much higher than other varieties of decks. Decks, which are made up of cheaper wooden materials may be cheaper, but they need to be resanded, revamped, and refinished periodically and that carries a perpetual expense. 


The time of year that you decide to install your decking also determines the cost of the project. When you opt for the decking project during the wrong time of the year, like in monsoon, it will take longer for the project to get over with, thus increasing the cost by manifold. 

Thus you see, there are so many factors associated with decking that determines your project cost. When you browse our BB Decking website, you will come up with a decking calculator that will provide you the exact cost of decking, when you feed in the dimension and other info in the respective fields. This will help you to have discussions with our experts while you opt for a free quote. For that, call us at 0434554470.

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