Explore The Different Types of Pergolas That Builders Construct

Explore The Different Types of Pergolas That Builders Construct

You can spruce up your outdoors by getting a unique pergola built by the experts. Now, there are various types of pergolas that the builders in Brisbane can build for you. They can customise the structure according to your needs. However, if you want to get more details regarding the types of pergolas that are usually constructed, you should go through this blog.

  • Freestanding Pergola

A freestanding pergola is typically a standalone structure that is built in the middle of the garden. It is mostly made of timber. You can also decorate it with lights, drapes, flowers, and plants. Furthermore, you can ask the pergola builders in Brisbane to set up a cover on top of this type of pergola to protect yourself from harsh sunlight or rain.

  • Attached Pergola

This is a special type of pergola developed by the builders on special request since it involves a slight modification to your property.

The attached pergola is built at the side of the home wall in such a way that it looks like an extension of your home. The only difference is that the roof comprises wooden slats for decorative purposes. Thus, due to their unique features, these pergolas add elegance to homes.

  • Arched Pergolas

The only difference between these pergolas with others is that they have an arched roof and can span across a large area. You can further customise these pergolas by painting them with the colour of your choice. To give them an extra decorative look, you can use plants and creepers on the roof and below them.

  • Louvred Pergolas

This is a unique structure that Brisbane pergola builders develop to elevate the value of homes. 

Here, adjustable louvres are placed instead of traditional slats. You can adjust these louvres to let in sunlight or block it as needed. These louvres are available in manual and automatic systems.

  • Awning Pergolas

Another interesting type of pergola is the awning pergola, that are mounted to the wall. They do not require support columns or posts. Moreover, you can install these pergolas over doors, windows, and garages. To enhance the shade, you can even add another layer of cover and decorate them with creepers and vines.

  • Simple Timber Pergola

By far, this is the most common pergola type that is found in most outdoor spaces. A simple timber pergola looks elegant and can be decorated and customised to the needs of homeowners. For this reason, it has gained popularity over time. Most importantly, this type of pergola is easier to build and is thus completed on time.

  • Vinyl Pergola

The vinyl pergola is yet another type of pergola that is constructed by professionals that looks aesthetically rich and are low on maintenance. They can last for many years, and to clean them, pressure washing can be sufficient. However, vinyl can sometimes be costly,

These are generally the most common pergolas. However, with time, even newer designs and types are emerging.

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