Established Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Installation Procedures

Established Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Installation Procedures

Building a retaining wall is one of the best landscaping options that you can consider since it enhances the appearance of the outdoor areas. In addition, it can also hold the soil in and around your Brisbane property. That way, the problem of moving soil which can affect the foundation of your property can be prevented.

Let us now take a look at how these concrete sleeper retaining walls in Brisbane are installed by professionals.

Measuring the Area and Developing the Installation Plan

Rigorous planning is required for the development of a concrete retaining wall. This includes taking measurements of the area where the structure will be built apart from marking the points from which bushes, trees or shrubs will have to be removed.

Since retaining walls generally comprise a larger area, measuring the same can be a bit time-taking. And it is only after taking the measurements will the builders mark the areas where they will be digging holes for installing the posts.

Preparing the Wall Base  

In the second step, the builders will be digging the holes using an auger or mini-loader.

The posts for the walls will go into these holes. So, they will need to be deep enough, especially if the builders detect soil erosion or movement in and around your property.

Affixing the Posts To Support the Retaining Wall

Before the posts can be installed, the Brisbane builders installing concrete sleeper retaining walls will ensure whether each hole is level. Otherwise, they will face structural issues during the installation procedure.

Anyway, after the examination and fixing the level and depth of the holes, they will fill them with concrete. Lastly, they will check whether each post has been secured before moving to the next step.

Including Concrete Pads to the Sleepers 

Before the sleepers can be installed, the builders will include concrete pads behind the posts to make the sleepers come to a level. However, if timber is being used, it will be set up step by step in place of concrete pads. However, timber vs concrete retaining walls is another topic that has already been discussed.

Installing the Sleepers  

Whether concrete pads or timber foundation sleepers are being installed, the builders will flush them to the bottom to adjust the height of the same. In addition, they will also install an AGI pipe at the base of the wall so that water can smoothly escape. Else, standing water can loosen the soil and weaken the base of the wall.

Backfilling the Wall

To construct the retaining walls in Brisbane made of concrete sleepers, the builders will need to follow the last step which includes backfilling.

Here, the builders will use concrete to backfill the concrete wall. This will be done by soil plug and other tools.

Since dirt is also used for the backfilling process, builders might use heavy machinery as well.

Wall Testing

In the final stage, the builders will test the wall to determine whether it has been constructed accurately.

They will be specifically focusing on the wall base to ensure that everything has been properly done.

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