Deck Shapes That You Need to Consider According to Your Property

Deck Shapes That You Need to Consider According to Your Property

You need to choose the right deck shape if you want to retain the appearance of your home exterior. Experts recommend that you should consider a deck shape that matches the shape of your property. The good thing about this is that decks can be built keeping common geometric shapes in mind.

So, if you are in Brisbane and researching the shape, size and structure of decks that can be added to properties, this post can give you some valuable information.

The Plain Rectangular Shaped Timber Deck

You can include a plain rectangular-shaped timber deck on your property. The advantage of adding this type of deck is that it can suit all types of properties irrespective of the shape and size of the property. In fact, as far as timber decking in Brisbane is considered, the rectangular-shaped deck is the most common one that you can find in properties.

Box-shaped Deck

This is also the most common type of deck that you can find in most properties. However, as the shape denotes, this type of deck is mostly found in smaller properties with limited outdoor space. So, if your property is not large and you want to build a deck that looks elegant and fits properly, this is the shape of the structure that you can consider. Furthermore, building the box-shaped deck is advantageous since it does not take much time to complete the structure.

The L-shaped Deck

As you can possibly understand that the shape of this deck will match the shape of your property. So, if you have an L-shaped property, this is the deck that you will need to build, provided that you have space. However, make sure you find the best builders since building an L-shaped deck requires planning.

Stepped Decks

You can include a stepped deck on your property if you have space. The base of the deck is rectangular and covers the maximum area. With each step or elevation, the total area diminishes and the top portion generally turns out to be a boxed-shape deck.

This type of deck looks stylish and is mainly added to make the property stand out from the rest. But you would require the best deck builders in Brisbane since constructing these structures require expertise and precision.

Abstract Decks Combined Into a Single Deck

This is more of an experimental style in deck building. Here, the builders combine box and rectangle timber decks to form one large deck. These decks are hardly found in homes and are more common in hotels or similar places. Moreover, constructing these structures is costly and requires some of the most experienced builders well-accustomed to modern deck building.

Circular Decks

This is one of the most demanded decks at present. The circular-shaped deck goes extremely well with a pergola. Earlier, this type of deck was seen mostly in hotels. But now, decks of this shape have become popular in homes as well.

Before you can invest in any of these decks, you should use the decking calculator that you can find on most builders’ websites.

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