Composite Or Timber Deck:- Which One Is Right?

Composite Or Timber Deck:- Which One Is Right?

Customers are always spoiled for choice when it comes to their decking material. Not only do you have a wide range of timber options to go for, you also have a litany of composite products to employ for your deck construction.

And, although this may seem a benefit of sorts, the downside to it is that it makes the buying process very confusing! And the sad part is that there is no Black-White solution between the two, as each has properties that will benefit you in some situation.

Yet there are some key factors that you have to consider before selecting. They are as follows:-

Composite Or Timber Deck- Which One Is Right

1. The Cost:

Timber decking cost mainly depends on the type of timber you choose for your outdoor space. If you opt for softwood decking, then the cost will be less in comparison to hardwood decking. And the cost of hardwood decking is somewhat similar to composite decking.

If you wish to go with timber, then you will also need to purchase stains and oil to maintain its appearance. All these factors have to be considered before choosing.

2. Maintenance & Longevity:-

Properly maintained decks can last a good period. With timber decks; you get the option of replacing sanded options and sections if it rots or suffers from fungus. You can treat that particular area without having to re-deck the whole thing.

On the contrary, composite decks can last a good 20-30 years with less maintenance. But again, proper cleaning and maintenance are important to prevent stains and moisture damages. The odds are a bit in favour of timber decks because composite decks come with plastic content. And this makes it more susceptible to scratches and damage.

Furthermore, they are more difficult to repair than timber decks, as sanding composite decks is not possible when dealing with superficial issues.

3. Strength & Impact On The Environment:-

Timber is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most environment-friendly decking components you can find.

BB Deckingyour reliable yet cheap timber decking service provider in Brisbane ensures all timber products are responsibly sourced to reduce environmental impacts.

On the contrary, composite decks are a mixture of wood fibres and plastic. And when they are recycled, plastic does have a slight impact on the environment because of its production approach.

Another drawback of composite decks is that they require more support than timber decks. But that can be easily overcome by placing joists close together to prevent breakages and sagging. However, these additional requirements can double up the repair cost. 

4. Appearance & Feel:-

Lastly, both these decking options emit a classy and authentic feel to your deck. Composite decks appear to be more slippery than timber and are available in a variety of finishes and colours. You will also find the finishes to be more consistent.

On the other hand, timber decks will come with colour variations due to its natural knots and wood. The only thing to watch out for is that, if not maintained, timber decks can develop splinters and will get slippery on getting wet.

So, if you wish to sustain the same look and colour of your deck without too much of hassle; we suggest composite decking in Brisbane for you. But if you want a real wood feel and luxury, then timber decks will work wonderfully.

In the end, everything boils down to what you choose. Regardless of your preference, we; as your reliable deck builder in Brisbane will be happy to cater to your decking requirements.

So, if you have a plan in mind, call us @0434554470!

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