Choosing the Stains for your Timber Decks – An Overview

Choosing the Stains for your Timber Decks – An Overview

If you are looking to stain your deck, you need to put your stakes on a reputed company that has years of experience under its belt. Hire us, to be frank. We at BB Decking come up with some immaculate staining of timber decks all around Brisbane at a cost-effective price. And why not? We are home to some of the best experts! That will evident from the way we serve you when you summon us for staining your timer decks.

But how will you know whether your deck needs staining urgently?

Conduct a simple test to find if the deck repels water or not. Sprinkle some water on the deck. If the water absorbs it within some 10/15 minutes, it is high time to stain the deck immediately. Summon us and our experts will be right there at your service. If the water forms puddles on the deck here and there, then its less urgent to stain the deck.

When our experts arrive, we will repeat the test and then take the first step, which is scheduling. Unless the deck in question is entirely new, it needs a thorough cleaning, which our experts will conduct. Then it’s allowed to dry for an entire day before the staining.

Timber DeckingWashing the Deck

If you had your timber deck built by a reputed deck builder in Brisbane, (what we surely know you had), it must be a stubborn structure that has not been much affected by mould and mildew. Yet, you cannot expect it to be as ravishing as a new one, after its exposure to the elements for a considerable period. That is why, our experts will thoroughly clean the boards of your deck to free them from the dirt and dust and the mildew before starting so that the stain does not trap any unwanted elements.  Once done, an entire day is given to the deck to dry up.

Choosing the Weather and Choosing the Stain

Stain takes time to be fully absorbed by the timber. That is why, at the start, our experts would at first watch out for the right weather for staining. They will avoid staining your timber deck on a bright sunny day, with the deck being lit by direct sunlight. They will prefer the staining on a relatively cloudy day. Hence, we would suggest you to book the service call after keeping an eye on the weather forecast before staining your timber deck in Brisbane if you have such plans.

With the weather permitting, our experts will now choose the right stain for your deck, with your consent of course. They will take into account the type of timber you have to choose the stain. If your deck has been stained before, they will consider the type of stain it had. Remember, an oil-based stain can suit over a water-based stain, but not the other way round. Hence, if the older stain is water-based, we will vouch for the same and if it was oil-based, again, we will opt for an oil-based stain. Whatever we choose, we will opt for the superior ones that are manufactured to repel water and moisture so that it can preserve the timber and protect it from the UV rays.

Now that they have chosen the right stain, it’s time to starting the staining.  But that’s another story. Call us at BB Decking on 0434554470 or 1300155677 for other details about our services.

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