Factors to Choose the Best Timber for Your Deck This New Year

Factors to Choose the Best Timber for Your Deck This New Year

If you are planning to add a more sophisticated tinge to your home this New Year while adding more usable space, opting for timber decks is a great option. They are one of the most sophisticated decking options but you need to be cautious when it comes to choosing them. Let us discuss the factors that you need to consider while opting for timber decks for your home in Brisbane.

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The Shades

Timbers are the best form of decking – not just because of their longevity and the richness in their look and feel, but also due to the various shades they are available in. Most of the timber decks in Brisbane like anywhere else come in three principal groups of colours – namely, white, cream and red. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate shade for your timber, you need to opt for one of these three, depending upon the layout of the rest of your home, its look and feel and your aesthetic preferences.

The Grade

Timber comes in different grades. Thus, when it comes to selecting the most suitable timber for your deck, you need to opt for the right grade, which will justify your investment. There are two types of grading done – structural grading and commercial grading. Structural grading can be further categorised into two forms:

  • Grading based on the common effects of defects and estimation of cumulative
  • Machine grading

Based on the concept of commercial grading, timbers can be divided into Grade A, B, C and D. You need to have a thorough knowledge about this grading. The deck building experts in Brisbane will be able to help you out in further details on this.

Size of the Boards

The timbers available for decking are available in the form of different sizes. Thus, it is important that you look for the right size for your decking, as this will help you to avoid having a deck that fails to satisfy you to the fullest.

The Durability

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing timbers is durability. Hardwood timbers that are used for decking fall under the broad-leaved and slow-growing tree category. They may include Blackbutt, Brushbox, Flooded Gum, Ironbark, Red Mahogany and the likes. These hardwood decks are pretty tougher and are more durable than the softwood ones.

Well, there is no denial of the fact that these hardwood timbers are pretty expensive. Yet, the fact that they are exceptionally durable and need hardly any maintenance, nullifies the high price that you pay for them. That is the reason, reputed deck builders in Brisbane will always suggest their clients opting for hardwood timbers, even if they cost more initially.

The Finishes

This is another factor that you need to look for when it comes to choosing the best timbers. There are certain finishes that are more effective than some others, and they go a long way to add water resistance, and allow the timbers to be resistant to natural elements.

Therefore, you need to opt for a top notch decking professional in Brisbane and for that, BB Decking is the best. Call us now to know more about us or get an online free decking quote from our end. We will let you celebrate the New Year in a new way.

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