Avoid These 4 BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Errors & Call Us to Prep Your Deck Surface

Avoid These 4 BBQ Outdoor Kitchen Errors & Call Us to Prep Your Deck Surface

Are you in that brainstorming phase of designing a quality BBQ outdoor kitchen for your relaxing weekends?  If so, then there are so many crucial aspects to consider and AN EQUAL NUMBER OF MISTAKES TO AVOID!

It is no secret that an outdoor BBQ kitchen is one way to enhance your home’s living space and make it more functional. And, BB Decking as your trusted deck builders in Brisbane, we are well aware of the amount of hard work which goes into firstly its deck and, then its kitchen construction.

So to ensure that your project doesn’t get botched due to some common carelessness on your part, we point out 5 common errors which you should look to avoid.

Keeping the BBQ Grill Surface Right Next To the Mini-Fridge-

Refrain from committing this common mistake of keeping the mini-fridge near the BBQ surface. The cooling and cooking areas need to be separate. So space them out properly!

Not Ensuring Proper Grill Ventilation-

An open flame, some gas and air is always a recipe for disaster! If you want to prevent your weekend BBQ enjoyment from turning into a safety hazard, then add air vents to your grill. Have at least 4-6 vents placed at appropriate heights depending on the type of gas you are using.

Neglecting Grill Insulation-

Your grill is always like an open flame and should not be taken lightly. To minimise burning, warping and full-on fires, be sure to include grill insulation to keep them cool.

Not Paying Attention to Storage, Counter space & Electricity-

BBQ kitchen decking

Lack of storage space means you will have to keep running back to your in-house kitchen and fetch items to both prepare and serve the food. So, always pay attention to the outdoor kitchen storage space. Better yet, consider an island design which provides you with that extra cutting/chopping and counter space.

A kitchen island with ample counter space is always a practical option for modern-day kitchen spaces to stack up food components, ingredients and other cooking essentials. If you need help; we can have our decking experts come over your place and help you in its construction too!

You also need to add power to your new BBQ outdoor kitchen space for use the blender or other electrically run appliances. But since this can be a risky thing to DIY; you must consult our decking specialists to help you out in this aspect.

How We Help You Prepare the Deck Surface for Your Outdoor Grill Kitchen?

Preparing a stable deck for your outdoor kitchen is not an easy task. But fortunately; we have been around for 15 years and have helped clients with similar requirements before.

  • Our decking specialists will properly plan out the layout as per the space suitability. Whether it is a raised deck, multi-level surface or a platform deck surface; we will perform the necessary steps to set-up an appropriate location for your BBQ kitchen plan.
  • Our experienced decking specialists will also consider the weight of the deck surface and how much load capacity it comes with. They will also look for signs of aged or sagging deck areas that need possible repairs and repair them adequately!
  • On consulting with you about possible outdoor kitchen additions such as furniture and amenities; our experts will also determine line placements of appropriate supportive beams.  This is to keep the deck surface stable, strong and resilient even against harsh weather conditions.

In addition to each of these crucial deck preparation steps (and many more which we will recommend and perform on-site); we will also suggest you quality maintenance tips to keep it looking good throughout the year.

Feel free to speak to our QBCC licensed and insured deck building experts about your customised outdoor kitchen decking (BBQ) requirements whenever you see fit.

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