A Brief Detail on the Durability Class of Timber Decks

A Brief Detail on the Durability Class of Timber Decks

There is no better option of upgrading your outdoor area with wooden decks compared to any other options available. However, for how long the wood you have chosen is going to sustain it’s quality or lose it with time depends on the class of durability.

Wooden structures have two grounds. While the above ground is meant to resist rain, humidity, extreme weather conditions and sun exposure, the lower terrain of the wood will eventually become a subject to decay because of bacteria, fungi impacts and even the groundwater.

According to the deck building expert in Brisbane, for how long the timber structure will survive varies depending on the wood species. Let’s get the required information from the durability classification system to choose the right wood for your timber deck.

Class 1 Timber

It falls under the most strong timber group. The wood species under this class will undoubtedly last for up to 50 years. However, the hardwood taken from the centre of the species will last for the maximum time. Cypress, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Ironbark are some of the examples of class 1 timber.

Class 2 Timber

The class 2 species is bound to lose its durability after 30 years. However, if the deck is not exposed that much in the outdoor weather, it can survive up to 50 years. Jarrah, Stringybark, Brush Box and Blue Gum are some of the examples of class 2 timber.

Class 3 Timber

The class 3 timber species lasts up to 15 years on the above ground level while the longevity of the underground timber is around 8-15 years. Again, just like class 2 timber, if it is used in a protected area, its lifespan can be up to 50 years. Karri and Messmate are the two examples of class 3 timber.

Class 4 Timber

Slash Pine Timber Deck

This is the weakest timber for decking falls under class 4 wood that does not last for more than 8 years when exposed to the weather. The underground longevity is not more than 5 years. Slash Pine and Radiata are the perfect examples of class 4 timber.

Are you planning to increase your property value with timber decking? Consult our expert team of BB Decking and get to know which timber class will be suitable for your property.

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