A Brief Account on the Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall – An Overview

A Brief Account on the Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall – An Overview

Using concrete sleepers for retaining walls is an extremely effective way of adding value, character, as well as appeal to your property. At times, the retaining walls are inevitable for stabilising the sloping land and preventing the damage. But that’s not all! Apart from providing stability to the sloping land, they also provide privacy, act as a shield to the undesirable views, and provide a definite framework for your garden and landscaping.

The reason why building a retaining wall is always a feasible step 

Retaining walls are usually used in backyards, where it plays the role of a design feature or adds support to the entire fencing structure. In case the area around the edges of your property where the retaining wall is to be set up is sloping, or if the soil in the area is loose and has the propensity to slide or runoff, these retaining walls play the role of a sheet anchor, blocking the soil erosion, or stopping the fencing wall from tilting because of the slope. This again adds at the end of the day, an element structure and security to your property edges. Therefore, when it comes to hiring a company that constructs concrete sleeper retaining walls in Brisbane, it is always imperative to opt for a company that has been in this business for long. We at BB Decking come up as one of the most popular names in this niche.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall

The Added Advantage Of The Using Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall 

These concrete sleeper retaining walls go a long way to provide:

  • Additional support by retaining the soil into its place
  • Prevents formation of sinkholes and eliminates dirt hills and piles
  • Avoids soil erosion
  • Prevents any structural damage to the property

Indeed, these retaining walls are extremely versatile, as they can also be made up of poured concrete or concrete blocks. Besides, they are a fairly cost-effective fencing solution with a very high durability quotient demanding very low maintenance cost. You can go take the help of our online retaining wall calculator to get a glimpse of the expense that you will have to incur should you plan to hire us for setting such a wall at your premise.

In fact, regardless of the conditions, these structures can be left in their original, undoctored, or natural state and they can also be modified to ensure that they fit in with the theme or the design or the rest of the yard. For instance, you can also render them smooth or have them textured or paint washed with a wide range of shades to match the rest of your property. They can be customised in the way you wish pretty easily, to gel with any design theme. When you have a well-built concrete sleeper retaining wall at your premise constructed by a seasoned company like ours, it will last your entire lifetime and beyond with very little maintenance cost.

The Maintenance 

Once again, once you set these walls up, they hardly need to be maintained, save for painting (not an imperative though), and clearing whatever moisture builds up at the footing or the base of the wall. However, even this can be avoided by keeping the base of the wall free of weeds, plants, and bushes and making sure the soil at the base of the fence has proper drainage.

Thus you see, once you invest on these walls, you are going to enjoy a lifelong return without any further expenses. For more details, call us at BB Decking at 0434554470 or 1300 155 677 within our working hours.

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