7 Signs that it’s Time to Repair or Replace the Deck in Your Property

7 Signs that it’s Time to Repair or Replace the Deck in Your Property

Adding a deck to your property is no doubt a great landscaping plan as it enhances the beauty of your property. And if you already have a deck installed in your property in Brisbane, you will need to carry out regular maintenance to keep it in the best shape. 

However, as time passes by, it will not only lose the appeal but will slowly get surface damages and then, you will need to repair or replace it.

So, today we will take a look at a few indicators that your deck is damaged and you need to call a deck builder in Brisbane for a repair or a replacement.

  • The Wood is No More in a Good Condition

You can easily spot the damages on the wood such as cracks, holes, discolouration, etc. that are caused due to weather effects, insects and the general ageing of the wood. 

Also, when rotting of the wood starts, it will eventually spread and will make the entire structure weak. So, whenever you notice these on the deck, you should contact the deck builders without further ado.

  • The Fittings Have Become Worn Out   

Due to constant wear and tear, the fittings that hold your entire deck will naturally weaken. So, it is essential to get the fittings checked by professionals once in a while to ensure structural integrity. 

But during the inspection, if the builders find that the fittings are no longer in proper shape, you will need to replace them immediately.

  • The Timber Retaining Wall Has Become Weak

Like the deck itself, if you have a retaining wall around your deck, eventually it will rot and become weak too since it is made of timber. 

And when you notice signs such as cracks, rotting, the formation of holes, etc. it’s time to call the builders to build a new timber retaining wall in Brisbane.

  • There is Erosion Around the Deck or the Timber Retaining Wall 

Soil erosion is common but years of erosion caused due to flooding, or other natural reasons may make the posts that holding the main deck structure unstable. So, when you notice that the alignment of your deck is changing over the years, it is time to repair or replace the supporting posts. Or, you might even require concrete or soil, to support the posts to make the deck structure stable.

  • Stains and Mould Have Grown on the Deck Surface

Due to wearing and tearing and different types of weather effects, stains and mould will grow on the surface of your deck. 

These will slowly damage the wood and will make your deck look unappealing. 

So, if your deck has become old with lots of surface stains that cannot be removed with pressure washing, it is time to call the professionals for a replacement.

  • The Handrails Have Become Weak

Deck builder

Similar to that of the deck and the retaining wall, the handrails of the deck will also weaken or become unstable. And if you notice that they have become loose, it is a sign that you need to repair the deck handrails.

  • Your Deck Looks Old 

Today, modern decks are coming in different shapes and sizes. And if your deck looks old and outdated, you can look for these new decks that will enhance the looks of your property. 

To choose the new designs, you need to contact professional builders who have years of experience in decking.

Add Elegance to Your Property with a New Deck! 

BB Decking is a well-known deck building company in Brisbane offering a wide range of decks to add elegance to your home. So, if you want to add a brand new deck or replace the old one in your property, call us now.

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