7 Best Types Of Timber Used For Deck Building

7 Best Types Of Timber Used For Deck Building

If you are planning to build a deck made from natural timber, you have your task cut out. There are so many types of timbers to select from. Hence, you must choose the one that will not only be economic but is stubborn enough to last long. Also, you need to make sure it gels with the get up of the rest of your home and gives you the desired look and feel.

That is the reason you need to put your money on a reputed and experienced company that is into timber decking. What better name can you opt for than BB Decking?

We would help you get the best timber that will help you get the best decking results – economically as well as aesthetically.

Here is a brief look at the best timbers that are used for decking.

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Treated Pine

This specific variety is a relative newcomer in the realm of decking timbers. It has over the years come up as one of the most sought-after varieties that people at present prefer to use.

One good reason behind that is the fact that it is one of the most cost-effective options. And, it makes your deck extremely rich – aesthetically!

Moreover, you can stain or paint the deck in the way you like, as it holds paints well. So you can give your deck the look and feel of your choice.


Some people are incredibly possessive about Jarrah when they select timbers for decking in Brisbane. It is relatively more expensive than some of the other varieties, but still, they are preferred because of its shade and overall finesse.

Its tones range from light to dark brown and even red, and that indeed makes it this variety a popular option.

When left unsealed, Jarrah would turn grey over time, and it has a durability rating of 2, which makes it a sturdy enough choice for decking.


This is another trendy choice, much due to its fire-resistant property. It is grown in Australia itself and comes with an exotic brown shade, which remains consistent over time, much unlike a few others.

This timber can even be stained if needed. However, if left unsealed, it has a propensity to crack and hence needs to be sealed and resealed regularly.

Spotted Gum

This is also an excellent choice, more so if your home is in a bush fire-prone area. Again, its durability rating is 2 as well, and it makes the timber ideal for decking. It is an Australian native as well and is an excellent choice from the environmental point of view.

It comes with more colour variations that the blackbutt, with the shades ranging from pale brown to dark chocolate brown. It is a denser variety and shrinks lesser than others.


Though this variety has lost some of its popularity to other timbers, it is still a popular one, since it is less costly than many of the other varieties.

Again, with a durability rating of 2, it is an insect and rot-resistant timber, making it a formidable choice of the deck builders. Generally, when people opt for eco-friendly timbering, they opt for this timber, as it comes from the rain forests of Southeast Asia.


This type of timber is available in three different shades – white, red and yellow. It is has a durability rating of 3 and is not the right option to be used outdoors. Of these 3 varieties, the yellow one has a durability rating of 2 and hence is used for decking. Red Stringybark is a very rare variety.


This is the most popular type of timber used for decking. The shades vary from pale brown to dark red and are termite, fire and rot proof. It’s extremely durable, and if you like to see your deck lasting practically forever, this is the one you should opt for.

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