5 Tips for Professional Timber Deck Maintenance Service to Follow

5 Tips for Professional Timber Deck Maintenance Service to Follow

Homes in Queensland are more known for their decks than anything else and if you are the proud owner of one then you will surely know why it is so! Timber decks that are aesthetically astounding, and above all, stout to last decades, if maintained properly. Besides, they seamlessly fit into the laid back lifestyle of Queensland. Hence, it is obvious that you need to maintain your timber deck with all the vigour and perfection that you can gather, to be a part of the legacy that these decks carry here in Queensland. They have become a very part of the traditions of the state, if we may say so.  You must make sure your deck is in the pink of health and glory throughout your life. It’s an invaluable asset for you!!!

Now let us come to the point. What is all about the maintenance of the timber decks in Brisbane? If you are one of those typical Queenslanders, the timber deck at your home is most likely to be pretty elevated from the ground. That’s how the tradition here in Queensland goes. Hence, you must bestow all your love and care on your deck. Otherwise, it will be not long before rot sets in,  thereby making it unsafe for use. So, with the right maintenance from a right company like BB Decking you will have nothing to be concerned about. Here are a few maintenance tips that you need to follow to make your deck last your lifetime!

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Do Not Paint Your Deck!   

For heaven’s sake, ward off the unputdownable temptation of painting the deck. Remember, timber decks ask for stain – not paint to stay healthy and fit. Indeed, timber does not respond to paints that well. In fact, they are not suitable to be painted. If painted, the paint will start to peel off from the surface and flake and will start looking unsightly in the not too distant future giving a shabby look to your deck that will do no good at all to your property, aesthetically or otherwise.

Thus, when it comes to maintaining your deck stain is the best option. Timbers absorb stain well, thereby acquiring the strength of repelling water and enlivening the natural shade and appeal of timber. So how frequent should be the staining process? Well, it depends upon the climate, the condition and age of your deck, and the variety of timber you have in the deck.

Select the Right Cleaning Agent 

Unlike many other flooring materials, timber responds well to whatever product you apply on it. But that does not mean you can just use anything to clean it. Cleaning decks is an extremely important factor in maintenance. Hence, getting rid of the grit and dust completely is important as it is the first step in maintaining the timber.

Sweeping is the best way to start. And use a damp mop to do so! Remember, it must be only just damp – not wet! It’s best to use the right kind of cleaning agent while mopping the deck. Be cautious to use the right one. Some are too harsh for the timber and some are generous. Use the ones that belong to the latter league. A mild detergent diluted with water will be a perfect choice.

Mind the Nails & Screws

Timber decks in most cases are fixed with screws or nails. They will show up along the struts. However, some of them may jut their heads out with time. Thus, when it comes to maintaining the timber deck, you must take care of them. You must hammer them the head back to the level of the surface, and if they are bent or too loose and have almost come off, replace them with new ones before staining the deck.

Address the Damage Right Away 

Do not leave damages to be taken care of later on and get on with the maintenance. The efforts will get futile. Address the issues – major or minor, big or small immediately, as that is also a very part of maintenance. The list of TO DO’s is endless. We can discuss that some other time.

Keep the Moisture Off! 

Yet again, keep the moisture off! Remember, timbers arrest and absorb moisture pretty fast and swell and get softer after gulping the moisture. Hence, make sure to keep the moisture level at minimal while mopping the deck at the start of your maintenance endeavour. Once done keep water off from the deck as much as possible, till the stain sets in to create that protective shield around your moisture.

Confused? Don’t be so! Get in touch with BB Decking to enjoy our professional timber deck maintenance service.  and our experts will be there at your service. Just call us at 0434554470.

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