5 Mistakes When Building a Pergola That Can Cost You Dearly

5 Mistakes When Building a Pergola That Can Cost You Dearly

Pergolas are pretty common in Brisbane nowadays. So, if you are ready with your pergola design and your budget is all set, it’s time you follow this guide and avoid the five expensive mistakes that most individuals make. Keep in mind that cheap quotes can be deceptive and work out pricier in the long run. Reliable pergola builders in Brisbane always swear by robust built materials that can withstand the harsh season and last the test of time. So, here are some more things to add to your checklist:

Pergola Materials

The quality of materials to use for your pergola can make a HUGE difference.

For instance, if you settle for polycarbonate as pergola roofing, it can easily last for 2-3 decades with little maintenance. On the other hand, if you settle for cheap-grade materials from shady suppliers, it can turn brittle over a few years and likely to crack, causing costly repairs.

Warranty Details

While many pergola builders promise 10 to 15 years of warranties, they are only talking about manufacturing warranties. This includes a warranty on materials like steel or aluminium, which we already know can pass the durability test. But remember, it is the workmanship that matters the most. Hence, make sure to ask your builder what exactly comes under their warranty.

Pergola Builders

There are so many pergola builders in Brisbane, finding THE ONE who possesses the necessary skills, experience, and innovation can be challenging. Start by checking the Google and Yelp reviews to find out what the previous customers are saying about their experience.

Feel free to ask about their past builds. Have an open chat with your builder to show you their previous project portfolio. You need to hire a builder who specialises in custom-built pergolas so that they can turn your vision into reality.

Approval From The Council

You might be wondering why you’d need the council’s approval.

What you might not know is that regulations can change over time and also differ depending on where you live. For instance, if you have an existing gutter line that is lower than the height of the pergola, then you might have to get the council’s approval.

These regulations vary from one council to the other. So, make sure the builder you’re settling for will take care of the approval process (as it can feel like a hassle!).

Insurance Cover

Make sure the pergola builders in Brisbane you’re shortlisting have home warranty insurance and license numbers. This might seem obvious, but many still don’t offer these. Sadly, some builders swear by “short-term dollars.” It’s a bad practice where they will cut short the job and materials to increase their profit margins. Stay clear of these!

A pergola is a massive investment, and you deserve the peace of mind to know that the builder you’re hiring is professionally recognised and also has an insurance cover (in case things don’t go as planned). So, hire only the best.

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