4 Reasons Why Adding a Pergola to Your Home Is Worth Your Investment

4 Reasons Why Adding a Pergola to Your Home Is Worth Your Investment

It is no secret that Australians love spending outdoors. Those weekend BBQs and spending quality time with their dear ones proves to be a welcome respite against their busy working schedule.  To make the most of such pleasing times spend outdoors with friends and family, having a well-designed and attractive pergola does seem to be a worthy investment.

BB Deckingyour reliable deck builder operating in and across Brisbane will help you construct the perfect pergola for your weekend/holiday outdoor entertainment. Our licensed and highly experienced builders will only use the best construction materials for your pergola project and will look to get the job done within your budget estimate.

Here Are 4 Clear Reasons Why You Should Install a Pergola on Your next Home Extension Project?

1. They Are Great For Outdoor Gathering, Partying & BBQs

Having a pergola gives you that extra space for your friends to gather, party, revel and even enjoy those wonderful BBQ weekends- be it summer or winter! To make the most of your outdoor enjoyment; you can throw in some lounging furniture or even add a dining area where your siblings or mates can gather, eat and make merry.

Besides all this, adding a pergola to your property also creates a striking and aesthetically pleasing outdoor feature. And that helps improve your property’s overall visual appeal.

2. Adding a Pergola Allows You to Improve Your Privacy

By installing a pergola to your property; you can improve the privacy of your outdoor living space. A pergola construction often comes with a roof-like structure which helps block out any overhead view. You can also opt for an operable pergola design and further customise it with the use of screens, drapes or other obscuring materials around its perimeter to boost the level of your outdoor privacy.

3. A Well-Designed Pergola Also Augments Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Adding a pergola to your property also helps improve its overall curb appeal. In fact, as per outdoor living trends, homes with quality outdoor extended spaces complemented with quality garden structures or a swimming pool holds a popular appeal in the present-day market.

Pergolas are one such in-demand home extensions which most residents in Brisbane (and across Australia) look to invest on. 

By creating the perfect weather-proofed outdoor spot; they aptly augment your property’s curb appeal and even your home value- especially if you have intentions of selling in the near future.

4. They Also Serve As Great Outdoor Gardening Space

If you have a ‘green thumb’ and consider gardening to be your hobby; then a pergola will prove to be the perfect growing space. In fact, some believe that pergolas are the perfect companion for climbing plants, flowering ivy or any other kinds of vertical gardening.

You can also use your pergola space to keep hanging plants like Petunias, Portulacas and others similar in nature, to adorn your outdoor extension spot. Plus, with the presence of these flowers; your pergola will also smell nice.

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