3 Tips to Eliminate Mould Growth from Your Outdoor Timber Decking

3 Tips to Eliminate Mould Growth from Your Outdoor Timber Decking

You will want to enjoy your outdoor decking for years to come, but humid and damp climates can cause mould growths on your deck. Moulds can damage your floor from the core, so it’s always best practice to plan for adequate treatment as well as preventive measures to keep cavities away from your timber deck.

Moulds are a fungus that can grow anywhere in a household, but a wet, dampened surface provides ideal environments in which cavities can grow and sustain. They affect your house premises, especially during late summer and early fall, and while there are multiple ways to eliminate mould growth from your house, the best cure to the problem is the prevention of mould infestation. You can stay a few steps ahead of the mould growth by applying preventive measures from beforehand.

What Causes Moulds to Grow?  

The preferred environment for moulds is a moist and warm one. Moisture can be caused by any water sources such as water leaks, condensation, humidity in the air and natural flooding. They are living organisms which also need adequate oxygen to survive. Lastly, moulds require a host surface, ideally a porous one – but these fungi also grow on non-porous surfaces. Ideal hosts for mould growth include but are not limited to food, fluids, textile and timber. Moulds travel great distances through air and may land on your deck under ideal circumstances. Once stuck there, they are fed by organic substances like the timber of your deck and residual material found naturally within your deck.

Most of the decks are made from porous elements like hardwood or composite material, which are easily susceptible to mould growth. However, composite decking comes with mould-preventive features. Some timber variants like Jarrah are also more resistant to decay growth than other, low-quality materials, especially if they are sealed and treated regularly.

Timber Decking Cleaning

Mould Removal Methods 

1. Use Products Dedicated to Moulding Infestation

Mould removal can cost some time on your part, especially if the spores have penetrated the surface. Moulds can significantly infest the deck so it will be easier if you identify signs of mould growth early. The crisis can be mitigated with products dedicated to remove mould spores and mildews. Elbow grease will provide you with a helping hand in your mould removal.

2. Do NOT Pressure Wash

Some say that pressure washing is the best way to get moulds off of your timber deck, but according to experts providing timber decks in Brisbanepressure washing is not the ideal way. The pressure of the water, on the contrary, can push the mould spores deep into the deck, which would only cause more difficulties in the long run.

3. Use Gentler Alternatives to the Bleaching Treatment

Mould removal products are often bleach-based and therefore, can cause lasting damage to the surface of your deck. However, there are natural alternatives to these harsh treatments, and they can provide you with a gentle solution to the mould problem. You can use vinegar mixed with water, baking soda diluted in water or essential oil diluted in water, and all of these have natural anti-fungal properties. However, it is imperative to check with your decking specialist before applying anything on your deck to be sure that the cleansing product you are using will not harm the integrity of the surface. You can also do a patch test to make sure that the product doesn’t cause damage to the surface and the finish of the deck.

You can make sure that your deck gets adequate sunlight, and use preventive techniques like regular water treatment to ensure a long life of your deck.

If the mould growth has corrupted your surface to an extent where recovery is not an option, you know it is time to invest in a new timber deck. Consult BB Decking Brisbane, because, at BB Decking, we provide timber decking in Brisbane at a lower price for a complete renovation of your timber deck. Consult us now, and we will gladly take care of your decking.

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