3 Principal Types of Patio Roofs You Can Choose From

3 Principal Types of Patio Roofs You Can Choose From

Patios are an excellent value multiplier for your home. They add to the usable space to your home, act as a bridge between the outdoor and indoors, provide you with the provision of enjoying nature without actually getting out of your home and add to the look and feel of your home and in particular, your backyard (or at times front yards).

Now the aesthetic beauty of these patios depend to a large extent on the roof they come up with. These roofs, which are the extensions of the principal roof, which provide shades to patios, and are essentially the patio roofs add a style statement to the patios.

Hence, they are an extremely important aspect of your patio design and you must be cautious while choosing the right type, which will add more finesse to your patio and your entire property. When you hire a quality patio builder in Brisbane, it gives you to choose between several patio roofs available. Let us take a sneak-peek into them.

FASCIA – the Flat, Fixed, Conventional Roof

If you are looking for a seamless integration of the patio with the rest of your home, the fascia is the best choice. These roofs are fixed just beneath the gutter of the roof and they wear a seamless, simple,clean and tidy look with no complications. They can either come flat or tilted downward, starting from the edge of the principal roof. They are simple, yet sturdy and are trustworthy. Hence, they are prefered by many Aussie households.


  • They are affordable
  • They can either be insulated, non insulated, closed or open
  • They blend naturally with rest of the roof
  • They need fewer support posts

GABLE – The Outrageous Patio Roof for Your Home

If you want a roof for your patio that is bold and beautiful, then  Gable is one of the best roofs  that patio builders in Brisbane can offer you. These are tall roofs with enhanced access to breeze and they come with the most attractive and distinctive shape. They are your best bet if you want your alfresco area to make a style statement and are perfect for breezy summer evenings. The height of the ceiling will help install ceiling fans as well.


  • They are high ceilings and match the gable-roofed homes
  • They allow more natural light and airflow due to more ceiling height
  • They give you more space and gives you the provision of installing ceiling fan

FLYOVER – The Roof that Adds Extra Height

At times,  you may need some extra height to add fans and lights or you may want to have some extra space for an airy patio. Now you can get them from Gable, but if you want to keep things simple and yet enjoy the advantage of gable, the flyover roofs in Brisbane are your best bet. It can manipulate your outdoor space to pull off a stunning, contemporary, sleek look and feel for your patio.


  • The have the highest ceiling in patio roofing fraternity
  • They make grand statement for your patio
  • You can also use the roof for carports to park 4WDs, RVs, and other heavy vehicles.
  • They allow more light and air

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