10 Questions to Ask Deck Builder Before Putting Money

10 Questions to Ask Deck Builder Before Putting Money

If you are in pursuit of a deck builder in and around Brisbane you will find a number of them claiming to be the most competent name in the business. However, taking them by their face value would be the last thing for you to do. Before putting stakes on them, you must ask a few questions to be sure about their competence and validity as a service provider. Here they are.

What are you specialised in?

Decking comes in various forms. Thus, a professional deck building specialist in Brisbane like anywhere else must have equal competence in building every type of desk. However, it is fair if they are specialised in building one or multiple types of decks. Thus, start by asking about their specialty in deck building. It will help in gauging their competence.

Do you work directly or will you subcontract?

There are a few deck builders who will work directly for their clients, while there are others who would subcontract and appoint third parties to work on their behalf. Thus, ask them whether they work directly or subcontract. If you ask BB Decking, we have our own employees and hence we never subcontract.

Will you appoint a supervisor at the site?

Next, you need to ask whether they will be appointing a supervisor who will be keeping an eye on quality maintenance. If so, it will help you at the end of the day.

Do you offer a warranty?

This is another very important question to ask. Know from them whether they offer a warranty period. That’s crucial for you from the financial aspect.

Are you insured and licensed?

This is another very useful question you should never skip as it will give you peace of mind. It always helps to hire a deck building service in Brisbane like anywhere else that is fully insured with licensed and bonded employees.

What’s your experience?

Don’t forget to ask for how long the service provider has been in the business, as experience always counts when it comes to building decks.

Can you share references?

Ask whether the company is willing to share its references, as that will help you get a first-hand idea about the quality of service it offers. Every reputed service will do so though. We do it as well.

Do you have the competence of damage control in case of any eventuality?

Decking is a tricky business. In spite of the best efforts mishaps happen in the form of miscalculation, faulty planning and the likes happen. Ask the builders of decks in Brisbane whether they have any contingency plans to make amends in these cases.

How long will you take to complete the project? Will it be there in writing?

Ask them the time they will take to complete the project and know from them whether it will be there in writing in the contract paper.

What is the mode of payment you accept?

Last but not the least, you need to ask the various modes of payment they will accept and in case it’s through online payment, be sure about the safety and security of the payment gateway. We at BB Decking maintain a foolproof gateway.

So if you want to bestow the responsibility to us, call us at 0434554470 or 1300155677 to get in touch with us.

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